Payment transactions

Payment transactions

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Make simple, quick and safe payments

Latest technological and innovative solutions ensure a secure, efficient and higher quality payment order execution. Time and money saving RBA DIREKT services are at your disposal. We enable quicker and more dynamic business transactions.


  • Simple order submitting

    Simple order submitting

    Variety of innovative solutions make daily business activities simpler, quicker and sounder

  • Quick order execution

    Quick order execution

    Time is money!

  • Various reporting technologies

    Various reporting technologies

    The choice is yours: Internet banking,e-mail or SWIFT

  • Security


    We guarantee top security standards

  • Time saving

    Time saving

    Use our DIREKT services to issue payment orders - at any desired time and from any desired place, with no need to come to the bank 

Non-cash payment transactions

  • Payment order submitting and execution.

    Payment order submitting and execution.

    Payment orders may be submitted by using the RBA DIREKT service, at RBA banches or at FINA branches.
    Payment orders may be initiated with future execution date.
    You may also place a standing order, under which the Bank will execute payments on your behalf and for your account, according to predefined instructions.
    The time of payment order acceptance and execution are defined by the Time Schedule for Execution of Payment Transactions..

  • Domestic payment transactions

    Domestic payment transactions

    Inflows and internal payment transactions are executed in real time. Execution of payment transactions via external payment transaction systems depends on the business hours of clearing systems.

  • Salary disbursement

    Salary disbursement

    In order to simplify your business, we are providing various possibilities of salary disbursement:
    • individual order submitting,
    • batch booking option within a pain.001 file,
    • sum payment order format with a specification.

  • Foreign currency payment transactions

    Foreign currency payment transactions

    Croatia is a SEPA member and adheres to all the rules related to SEPA standards in execution of payment transactions.
    Inflows in favour of your account are booked in real time. All details regarding the exact time of acceptance and execution of payment orders are available in the Time Schedule for Execution os Payment Transactions.
    Thanks to our participation in the globally renowed Raiffeisen Bank Group, we offer you all the advantages of payment within the RBI Group (e.g. Inter Group Payments or IGP).
    IGP comprises non-SEPA payment transactions in euros among Riffeisen Group clients in Central and Eastern Europe, taking advantage of more favourable fees and same-day execution (D+0).

  • SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

    SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

    Payment service in the euro for debiting an Account in favour of a Payee, where the payment transaction is placed by the payee pursuant to the Mandate of the Customer in keeping with the B2B SDD Scheme. Find out more



An overview of all current fees in the payment system is available in the document Extract from decision on service fees - business entities.

Cash payment transactions

  • Cash withdrawals

    Cash withdrawals

    Cash withdrawals can be preformed through RBA´s branches, FINA´s branches, ATMs and EFT POS devices.

  • Cash deposits

    Cash deposits

    We can offer you several solutions for cash deposits:

    • - RBA´s branches
    • RBA´s day-night vaults
    • FINA´s branches and day-night vaults
    For large volumes of cash, services of external partner Fina Gotovinski servisi ltd, can be arranged.

Polog utrška - uplata gotovine

  • Uplatno-isplatni bankomat
    • Za korištenje uplatno-isplatnih bankomata nije potrebno potpisivati poseban ugovor s bankom već se od strane ovlaštenih osoba definiraju osobe na čije ime će se izdati Mastercard debitne kartice s opcijom polaganja gotovine na transakcijski račun.
      Iskoristite pogodnosti uplate gotovine na bankomatu i provjerite kako uplatiti gotovinu na uplatni bankomat?


  • Dnevno-noćni trezor
    • Dnevno-noćni trezor (DNT) je oblik samouslužne opreme koji vam je na raspolaganju 24 sata. Namijenjen je polaganju i čuvanju gotovine, prvenstveno izvan radnog vremena banke. DNT-i su smješteni u 24-satnim zonama ili na fasadnim dijelovima poslovnica banke te izvan poslovnih prostora banke. Ovisno o lokaciji moguće je korištenje DNT-a za prihvat sigurnosnih vrećica. Za korištenje dnevno-noćnih trezora RBA, uz otvoren RBA transakcijski račun potrebno je sklopiti zasebni ugovor o korištenju DNT-a. Pogledajte popis lokacija dnevno-noćnih trezora RBA.



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