Jednostavnije je podizati i uplaćivati novac preko bankomata

Jednostavnije je podizati i uplaćivati novac preko bankomata

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Save time by using the ATM – self-service machine!
Functionalities of the RBA ATM:
- cash withdrawal 
- insight in balance of available funds
- PIN change
- cash deposit 
- DCC service - Dynamic currency conversion for foreign users

Just swipe it!

Instead of inserting the card, just bring it close to the card reader marked as contactless. After swiping the card, only enter your PIN to authenticate transactions.  Note: the contactless functionality does not allow the options of PIN change and unblocking at an ATM. For these two options, performing a contact transaction is required.


Using your Mastercard and Visa cards of Raiffeisenbank, you can:
► withdraw cash by
RBA debit cards of current, multi-currency current account, giro and protected account – free of charge
RBA debit cards of business accounts*
RBA credit cards*
► check account balance
► change the PIN
►deposit cash in current account, giro account or credit card**
►pay loan annuity**
► deposit cash for business entities**
*fees are charged in keeping with the Bank tariff for individuals and business enitites
**on deposit-withdrawal ATMs

The ATM accepts all euro banknotes, which means that you can use EUR 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 banknotes to make a deposit. Straighten the banknotes as best as possible, arrange them on top of each other in the stack and place the entire stack in the ATM deposit slot. Before you insert the stack in the opening, do not forget to remove any  items you used to hold the banknotes together. The maximum number of banknotes you may deposit at once is shown on the screen (50 or 200 banknotes). If you deposit a large number of  banknotes,  use multiple transactions to make the deposit. The daily deposit limit for private individuals and  and legal persons is EUR 9,900.00*.

Check the locations of the available deposit-withdrawal ATMs here (in the search filter select ATMs/ deposit-withdrawal).

EURONET ATMs - free of charge for cash withdrawal by debit cards of Raiffeisenbank

Cash Withdrawal Fee (Access Fee) 
In accordance with the Visa and Mastercard rules, cash withdrawal transactions by cards issued abroad are potentially subject to a fee of EUR 4.65 per transaction. 
On a separate screen, the User is informed of the fee amount and they decide whether they wish to continue and accept the charge or they desist from executing the transaction.

DCC service


Dynamic currency conversion is a bank service that allows holders of cards issued abroad to select debiting in the currency of their own account when withdrawing cash. Check the currencies supported through the DCC service in this document. 
When making the classical cash withdrawal, a foreign card holder does not know the exchange rate and the amount for which their account will be debited actually but learns this only after the account has been debited. As regards the DCC service, the card holder immediately sees the exchange rate applied and the amount in the currency for which their account will be debited. After selecting the withdrawal amount, the ATM screen shows the selected withdrawal amount in the euros, alongside the conversion exchange rate that is applied, and the amount for which their account will be debited in the currency of their card. Transaction can be accepted or rejected and cash withdrawal without DCC can be selected.
The service is in compliance with the Visa and Mastercard rules, and the exchange rate according to which the conversion is executed is different than the exchange rate at the RBA branches.


Exchange Rate List


ECB Exchange Rate for the European Economic Area

When withdrawing cash at RBA ATMs, by selecting card debiting in the currency of the card user (Dynamic Currency Conversion – DCC transaction), the exchange rate as shown in Table is applied for clients from the European Economic Area.

Total currency conversion charges are shown as percentage mark-ups over the latest available euro reference rates as set by the European Central Bank (ECB).


The ECB foreign exchange reference rates, set on the day of 19.07.2024. after 16:00 hours, shall be applicable as soon as possible following the release.

Code Currency Unit Exchange Rate Code Currency Percentage mark-up over the European Central Bank reference rates
975 BGN 1 0.4525 978 EUR 13%
203 CZK 1 0.0350 978 EUR 13%
208 DKK 1 0.1186 978 EUR 13%
348 HUF 1 0.0023 978 EUR 13%
985 PLN 1 0.2065 978 EUR 13%
946 RON 1 0.1780 978 EUR 13%
752 SEK 1 0.0762 978 EUR 13%
578 NOK 1 0.0748 978 EUR 13%
352 ISK 1 0.0059 978 EUR 13%
756 CHF (Liechtenstein) 1 0.9135 978 EUR 13%

Exchange Rate Archive



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