Transaction account

Transaction account

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Opening of an RBA transaction account enables you to perform cash and non-cash payment transactions in euro and other currencies and to use numerous other account-related services. Various services based on modern technological solutions are also available, allowing you to perform your financial operations without time and space limitations, quickly, simply and securely.


  • Multi-currency account

    Multi-currency account

    A single account for all currencies.

  • Online services

    Online services

    Simple Internet banking.

  • Efficient liquidity management

    Efficient liquidity management

    Enabled by the wide range of our tailor-made services.

Account opening

  • What is necessary for account opening?

    What is necessary for account opening?

    An account may be opened in the presence of an legal representative, in line with data from the competent registry, by submitting the original documents set out in the List of documents required for opening the RBA transaction account for residents and the List of documents required for opening the RBA transaction account for non-residents. In addition to submitting registration-related documents, filled standardised bank forms for opening a RBA transaction account are also needed.

  • Reporting


    • Statement on Balance and Movements is available through the following channels: Internet banking, at RBA branches, FINA branches, by post, fax, e-mail or via SWIFT to a foreign bank of your choice: MT940, MT941, MT942.
    • Frequency of sending Statements on Balance and Movements may be agreed on a daily or monthly basis or upon turnover.
    • The following information is also available: Recapitulation of Free Calculation Notice of inflows (for non-SEPA payment transactions), Notice on Calculated Interests, SWIFT confirmations (for non-SEPA transactions executed)


Initial capital
Depending on the organisational form of the company that you are establishing, you are required to submit its act. Usually it implies of Incorporation (for a single founder) or Articles of Association for a Joint-Stock Company.After processing the payment, the Bank will issue an appropriate Confirmation of Initial Share Capital Deposit stating that the initial capital has been paid.
Once the company has been registered, an RBA transaction account is opened and the initial capital is autommatically tranferred to the newly opened account, so that you may commence business activities. If you decide to increase the capital of an existing company, payment may be made directly to the company´s account, indicating ´capital increase´ as its purpose. Based on the payment processed, a Confirmation of capital increase may be issued at your request.
Browse the list of RBA branches at which you may make the initial capital payment.

Account opening
By concluding an Agreement on RBA transaction account with the Bank, you will actually conclude a Frame Agreement consisting of the following documents:
General Terms and Conditions of Transaction Operations of Legal Entities,
Time Schedule for Execution of Payment Transactions,
Interest Rate and Fee Calculation Rulebook,
Decision on Interest Rates, and
Decision on Bank Service Fees.

Fee Fee amount
Account opening free of charge
Opening a non-resident account  132.73 EUR one-off
Account maintanace 5.00 EUR monthly per account
An overview of fees is available in the document Extract from decision on service fees - business entities.

Additional services


Efficient liquidity management!

Based on RBA transaction account, we are offering the following additional services:
► use of a transaction account overdraft
► term deposit
► foreign exchange
► investing into investment funds under Raiffeisen Invest Management.



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