Special financing programs

Special financing programs

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Take the opportunity of financing at more favorable conditions

With the aim of strengthening the economy in Croatia, RBA participates in special programs of domestic and international financial institutions that support the development of  small and medium enterprise.

Why to choose special financing programs?

  • More favorable lending terms

    More favorable lending terms

    Lower interest rates compared to the regular and the possibility of realization of the loan with the instruments of payment, depending on the assessment of the creditworthiness of the borrower.

  • Subsidized interest

    Subsidized interest

    In collaboration with the Ministries and local and regional governments loan offer for development of small and medium-sized enterprises with subsidized interest rate.

  • Guarantees


    By issuing guarantees allows for easier and quicker realization of loans and the possibility of credit insurance to entrepreneurs who are unable to provide adequate security.

Choose a program

  • HAMAG BICRO guarantee
    • Raiffeisenbank participates in the guarantee programs of the Croatian Agency for SME HAMAG BICRO which provides a portion of the principal for investments or working capital to the entities of small entrepreneurship. RBA participates in the financial instrument - Individual guarantees for Rural Development co-funded from the European agricultural fund for rural development, focused on agriculture, manufacturing and forestry sectors.
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  • HBOR
    • Loans are approved in cooperation with HBOR, whose purpose is to encourage lending to small and medium entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs - beginners, development of manufacturing, agricultural and export activities and investment in areas of special state concern. More information

  • In cooperation with the local governments
    • In cooperation with the local governments RBA offers special programs designed to promote economic development.  More information