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Documentary business

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Why guarantees and letters of credit?


Trade finance is a collective term for the following payment, guarantee and financing products: letters of credit, documentary collections and guarantees. All are specially designed for exports and imports of all types of goods and services across national borders.
Use trade finance products when you need to secure your payments against unknown elements, such as political and commercial risk.


  • Minimize your risks

    Minimize your risks

    In case you are not sure that payment will be made as agreed, or you are making tenders or entering into advance payment agreements, consider one of our trade finance products.

  • Rely on our advisory services and professional support!

    Rely on our advisory services and professional support!

    Our team with long-standing experience in trade finance provides professional support and extensive know-how for all your needs. 

  • International banking group

    International banking group

    As a member of the Raiffeisen Bank International Group, we cooperate with a wide network of correspondent banks.

Proizvodi dokumentarnog poslovanja

  • Guarantees
    • Guarantee (L/G) is the most frequently used security instrument issued by a bank at the request of a client (ordering party/applicant), by which a bank guarantees to a third party (beneficiary) that the guaranteed amount will be paid should the client fail to fulfil its obligations under underlying relationship on which the guarantee is based.

      We issue guarantees for regular business activities in Croatia and abroad, as well as special guarantees adjusted to your specific needs.

      Most frequent types of guarantees:

      • tender guarantee (bid security)

      • performance guarantee

      • warranty guarantee

      • advance payment guarantee

      • payment guarantee

      • loan repayment (credit line) guarantee

      • customs guarantees

  • Letters of credit
    • A letter of credit (L/C) is a payment obligation made by the buyer's bank to the seller guaranteeing that payment will be effected after the seller has presented the documents required by the terms of L/C which are fully in compliance with L/C terms and conditions stated in the text of L/C.
      Upon seller's request and buyer's bank authorization, the seller's bank may additionally guarantee payment to the seller. This is called confirmation of  L/C.

      Letters of credit are recognized worldwide and frequently used in international trade where they are governed by the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (currently UCP 600), the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

  • Documentary collection
    • This is a simple and secure form of payment whereby shipping documents are sent to the buyer's bank with instructions to be handed over to the buyer  against buyer's payment of the amount claimed.
      After shipping the goods the seller will send shipping documents through their bank for presentation to the buyer's bank for payment.

      The buyer will only receive the documents after the invoice value has been paid or a bill of exchange has been accepted (a commitment to pay on a fixed future date).

  • Forfaiting (purchase of foreign receivables)
    • Forfaiting is a flexible technique of export financing through purchase of outstanding receivables arising from exports of goods or provision of services. We offer our clients forfaiting services for business done with deferred payment. The bank purchases the client’s receivables and disburses to the client the amount of receivables reduced by a discount. A deferred payment letter of credit is an instrument suitable for forfaiting.

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