Cash Management

Cash Management

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More efficient liquidity management and cost!

If you want to consolidate your finances and from the central place mange liquidity of yours subsidiaries regardless of their seat - then we have a special payment services, created for you.


  • More efficient liquidity amangement

    More efficient liquidity amangement

    Centralization of Treasury.

  • Dynamic business

    Dynamic business

    Single point of access to all your accounts.

  • Cost rational business

    Cost rational business

    Using the benefits of group cohesion.

Our services - support your business

  • Cash Management International (CMI)

    Cash Management International (CMI)

    A service that enables centralization of treasury operations on the level of the entire group. A single point of access to all accounts gives you the possibility to initiate payment orders from one place and to receive statements for all accounts held with the Raiffeisen Group and partner banks. Software-base (CMI) and web application  (CMI@WEB) are at your disposal.

  • Cross Border Margin Pooling (CBMP)

    Cross Border Margin Pooling (CBMP)

    A service that enables additional monthly interests to be approved to related customers of the Raiffeisen Group based on total balance of deposits which they keep on their local accounts. The funds remain on accounts and at your disposal, which means that there is no real (physical) transfer of funds when using this service.

  • Notional Pooling (NP)

    Notional Pooling (NP)

    A service of National Pooling of local euro transaction accounts of the same client or accounts of entities related through ownership, in order to calculate interests on total balance available under all pooled accounts. There is no real (physical) transfer of funds in National Pooling. Funds remain on your account which means they are available for disposal, whereas balances of all the accounts included in NP are summed-up (netted), and the respective balance becomes the basis for calculation of interests.

  • The operations via SWIFT

    The operations via SWIFT

    No matter where your home bank and/or Treasury is located abroad, we offer you the possibility of delivering an Account Statement to your foreign bank in accordance with your instructions. We will also execute payment orders received via SWIFT in line with your instructions.



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