IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

The IBAN is the International Bank Account Number, implemented in Croatia in the year 2004 for cross-border payments and effective as of 2007. The IBAN can have at most 34 alphanumeric characters precisely identifying the state, the bank and the client´s bank account.

The Croatian IBAN consists of 21 alphanumeric characters.


From 1st June 2013 the IBAN of the ordering party is mandatory in the national payment system, whereas as of 1st June 2014. IBAN shall become mandatory field on the beneficiary account as well.
Therefore, the information technology systems into which information on executed payment transactions are transferred or from which payment orders are produced will have to be modified to support the IBAN construction.

When opening a transaction account with RBA, you are automatically supplied with the IBAN, which you should communicate to your business parner so that the inflow would be remitted at the Bank regulary.

Your IBAN is available to you on the Transaction Account Statement of Balance and Movements, and Internet Banking.

It is important to mention that banks in the EU countries charge on extra fee if a payment order does not include user´s IBAN an the user´s bank SWIFT address.

In order to avoid these additional foreign banks´ charges, please ask your foreign partner to provide the IBAN and SWIFT address in order to fill out the payment order with this information.