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Brokerage services

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Trade in financial instruments trough RBA brokers!

As an active member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and Central Depository and Clearing Company, we provide the services of financial instrument trading in the local and in foreign markets. Through RBA brokers you may trade in shares, bonds, certificates ETFs (Exchange traded funds) and units in foreign investment funds.


  • Low fees

    Low fees

    Trade on the Zagreb Stock Exchange and on foreign stock markets at low fees through RBA brokers

  • Online trading via the eBroker service

    Online trading via the eBroker service

    Engage in real-time share trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange via Internet banking

  • Access to foreign markets

    Access to foreign markets

    Trade on more than 40 foreign markets

Financial instruments trading

  • Shares and ETFs
    • Trade shares of Croatian companies and foreign issuers.
      For trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange in real time, we recommend arranging eBroker online trading service.
      Trading shares and ETFs in more than 40 foreign markets can be done via e-mail or phone.

  • Bonds
    • Government bonds – issued by governments. Maturity longer than 1 year.
      Corporate bonds – issued by corporates. Maturity longer than 1 year.
      Bonds trading in organised and OTC markets may be carried out via e-mail or phone.

  • Certificates
    • Certificates are financial derivatives whose value depends on the changes in value of an underlying instruments. Various types of investments (shares, bonds, funds, indexes, commodities, currencies, interest rates, etc.) may serve as underlying instruments.
      Certificates are debt securities issued by an issuer and presented as a liability in the balance sheet, which means that certificates buyers are exposed to the credit risk of the issuer (e.g. bankruptcy risk).
      Certificates are considered complex financial instruments because their value is derived from and depends on the changes in value of the underlying instrument. The features and risks of these financial instruments vary for each individual product (certificate), so general information on features and risks of certificates as a type of financial instruments is not sufficient for making a sound (informed) decision regarding investment. In order to make a more confident assessment of a certificate as a suitable investment type, it is necessary to study the issuing prospectus.

  • Auctions
    • Auctions are carried out via the Zagreb Stock Exchange trading system and organised by a procuring entity, such as the Restructuring and Sale Centre.

  • Futures
    • Futures is a financial contract whereby a buyer is obliged to purchase a certain underlying asset (such as a financial instrument or commodity), ie the seller agrees to sell a certain asset at a certain date at a certain price. Futures trading are numerous and include energy and metal products, economic announcements, interest rates, currencies, stocks, indexes, etc. used to hedge against changes in the value of in the future. For institutional investors, we offer the possibility of investing in numerous futures contracts on a large number of Europe and US markets.

  • Options
    • An option is a financial agreement that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset at a certain price on a particular date or before that date. They are used to protect against changes in the value of in the future. As with trading options options on Europe and US markets.

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