Giro account

Giro account

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Giro account

Do you earn service contract fees or a scholarship? Or royalties perhaps? If you generate your income from freelance work, a giro account is the right choice for day-to-day business operations of Croatian and foreign nationals.


  • iDIREKT Internet banking

    iDIREKT Internet banking

    Availability of funds and possibility of making payments 24/7!

  • Standing order

    Standing order

    For disposal of funds in your giro account by current account card, all you need to do is arrange for a standing order!

  • mDIREKT Account Balance

    mDIREKT Account Balance

    We will notify you of any changes in your account!

More information

  • How to open a giro account?

    How to open a giro account?

    You can arrange to open a giro account at the nearest RBA branch.

  • What do you need to open a giro account?

    What do you need to open a giro account?

    When opening a giro account, you need to produce a valid personal identification document.

Fee Fee amount

Managing kuna giro account and a vista saving account
The fee is not charged for the a vista saving account.
The fee is not charged for the giro account:
• in a minor's name
• blocked due to card loss/theft

5,00 HRK per month
Arranging standing order/direct debit order use in favour of retail accounts at the Bank free of charge
Proxy using the account free of charge

An overview of all fees is available in the document named Transaction fees for private individuals.




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