mojaRBA mobile banking

Every mojaRBA has a story.

mojaRBA mobile banking

Every mojaRBA has a story.

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Benefits of new app


mojaRBA app has been designed and created based on the feedback collected from our existing mobile banking clients and is largely tailored to their expectations. In addition to standard features, the new mobile banking application also provides new and innovative functionalities in line with the latest changes and trends in executing payments.

Activate the new app and move your finances to your smartphone!
mojaRBA app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can subscribe online and use it free of a monthly charge until 30 April 2021 (the offer is valid for existing and new clients). 

Podijelite na rate!


Svaku kupovinu RBA kreditnim karticama veću od 300 kuna možete podijeliti na 2 do 24 rate bez kamata i putem mojaRBA aplikacije u samo nekoliko klikova.
Takve transakcije označene su posebnom ikonom, a do podjele na rate jednostavno možete doći dužim pritiskom na tu transakciju ili odabirom „Podijeli na rate“ u dodatnim akcijama na detaljima transakcije. Nakon odabira broja rata autorizirajte zahtjev, a kreirane rate će se prema datumu dospijeća pojaviti na listi budućih plaćanja po kreditnoj kartici.
Ukoliko vam treba dodatna pomoć, provjerite uputu za korištenje mojaRBA aplikacije.

Brzo i jednostavno do kredita i kreditne kartice - ePozajmica i eKartica na mojaRBA


ePozajmicu (gotovinski kredit) i eKarticu (Mastercard kreditna kartica) ugovorite u samo nekoliko klikova! 
Uz ePozajmicu sada preko mojaRBA aplikacije možete ugovoriti i eKarticu. 

Ukoliko zadovoljavate uvjete i dobijete ponudu za ugovaranje ePozajmice i/ili eKartice putem mojaRBA aplikacije, realizacija je brza i jednostavna, bez dolaska u poslovnicu. 

ePozajmica - prednosti ugovaranja:
- ePozajmica se može realizirati 0-23h
- Proces je maksimalno olakšan već unaprijed popunjenim podacima
- Samo 5 minuta je potrebno od podnošenja zahtjeva do isplate sredstava
- Bez naknade za obradu kredita
- Bez troškova javnog bilježnika
- Bez interkalarne kamate

eKartica - prednosti ugovaranja
- Bez upisnine 
- Bez upisnine i bez članarine u prvoj godini korištenja
- Beskamatna kupovina do 24 rate
- Podjela na rate čak i nakon kupovine
- Sudjelovanje u nagradnom programu Zlatna RBICA
Proces je maksimalno olakšan već unaprijed popunjenim podacima
- U samo 5 minuta od podnošenja zahtjeva do ugovaranja eKartice
Više informacija o kreditnim karticama.

Personalize your account view



You can immediately view all your accounts (current account, foreign currency account, giro account, etc.), credit cards, loans and savings as soon as you sign on to  the application. You can easily change the view by arranging the display order as you see fit, and you can also hide selected accounts if you do not want to display them in this view. See video instructions how to do this.

Send your account number to friends



With the new mojaRBA  app, forget about dictating or copying your account number, because you can now easily share your IBAN with your friends in just a few clicks. Collecting money for joint gift buying, social gathering, or going to the theater has never been easier because when you send your account number, you can also add the exact amount to your code.

Ease of payment


You will find all your payment options in one place:
New payment - an account in which you enter all the data yourself
FotoNalog - data are loaded automatically by taking pictures or scanning 2D barcodes
Between accounts - simplified payment to your other accounts (loan, credit card, savings, etc.)
Exchange - purchase and sale of foreign currency
Favorites - selecting a payee from the frequent payments list automatically creates an identical new payment, so you do not need to enter all the information, but modify just some of the information (payment amount, description and reference number)
KlikPay – you simply send money to your contacts even if you do not know their IBAN

See in the video how easy it is to send money using the new KlikPay option.
All you have to do is give the app access to your contacts and you can send money free of charge until 30 April 2021 to any contact who has a current account in the Republic of Croatia (in any  bank). It is only important that you send money from your current or giro account in kuna.

Payment by the KlikPay option is executed after your contact person confirms their IBAN, and they will see the transferred money in their account:
- on the same day, if the contact person holding an account with another bank confirms their IBAN on a business day by 15:00 hours
- on the following business day, if the contact person holding an account with another bank confirms their IBAN after 15:00 hours or over the weekend
- on the same day, if the contact person holds an account with RBA.

Cost monitoring and control


Managing your household budget has become more challenging - that's why we've added a new mobile banking feature that will give you a quick overview of your monthly expenses to manage more easily. The app will automatically assign a specific cost category to your transaction. However, the assigned category may not be the way you want to track your expenses, so you can change the category on your own.

mojaRBA App User Guide

To help you make the most of your new mobile banking experience, we have created online user guide (available only in Croatian).

RBA On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking app) registration fee  free of charge until 30.04.2021. 
RBA On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking app) monthly fee free of charge until 30.04.2021.
Fee Via On-line banking  (RBA mobile banking) In the branch
National HRK credit transfer to account of legal entity at the bank HRK 2 1% of payment amount 
minimum HRK 8 
maximum HRK 100

National HRK credit transfer to accounts in other banks in Croatia

0.35% of payment amount 
minimum HRK 2  
maximum HRK 20

Free of charge until 30.04.2021. for payments to private individuals initiated through mobile banking and with KlikPay.

1% of payment amount 
minimum HRK 10 
maximum HRK 100

Tariff overview is available at Transaction fees for Private individuals.



Security comes first


If an incorrect PIN is entered five times when logging into mojaRBA app, access to the application is automatically blocked.

To prevent unauthorized use of mojaRBA application and protect access to your finances, your PIN is locked immediately after successive wrong PIN codes, fingerprints or facial scans are used. 

The app will be blocked also in the following cases:
- you change your cell phone or reset it to factory settings
- you accidentally delete the application, or
- a security block is activated.
In these cases, only you can request the application to be reactivated.

You can reactivate mojaRBA application through the online application or requesting the reactivation from mojaRBA application via videocall (this option is available on home screen) or directly at branch.



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