mojaRBA mobile banking

mojaRBA mobile banking

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  • Simplicity of payments

    Simplicity of payments

    Pay securely wherever you are. 

  • Control of expenses and incomes

    Control of expenses and incomes

    Monitor and manage your costs easily.

  • Personalization of account display

    Personalization of account display

    Adjust the display to your needs. 


Life is easier when some of the important activities are online

mojaRBA mobile banking is a safe and simple way to take care of your daily payments on the go, from any location. Download the free app and, when it comes to payments to either friends or various institutions, and completely forget about branches, teller's counters and queuing. 

mojaRBA App Functionalities

  • Accounts


    Personalize account display (change the display or hide an account on the list).
    • For easier recognition, name your accounts as you like.
    • Simply check the collected points in the Zlatna RBICA loyalty programme and replace them for the euro.

  • Control of expenses

    Control of expenses

    Monitor the balance, transactions and details of accounts, cards and loans.
    • View the expense statistics by categories. 
    • Split every payment with the RBA credit credit cards of 40,00 EUR or more at zero interests, in 2 to 24 installments, at a one-of 1,99 EUR fee.

  • Payments


    • Pay invoices with the FotoNalog (scan it or pay with barcode uploaded from your photo gallery).
    • Pay your contacts with the KlikPay option, regardless of the bank at which they hold their account.
    • Use templates or recent payments to create a new order easily.

  • Personalized offers

    Personalized offers

    • If you meet the criteria and receive an offer to contract an ePozajmica and/or eKartica, realize them through the mojaRBA app fast and simple, without coming to a branch.

  • Savings


    • Pay and monitor the balance and movements in your deposit and/or Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund simply. 

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mojaRBA App Is Always" New"

Taking no rest, we work on adding new functionalities and with every app update, you get more options for better management of your money. 

How to Contract mojaRBA?


Simply! mojaRBA mobile banking can be agreed:

• in the mojaRBA app by selecting "Video Call Activation", after installing the app on your mobile phone,
• at a branch.

RBA On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking) registration fee  free of charge  
RBA On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking) monthly fee 1,46 EUR
Fee Via On-line banking  (RBA mobile banking) In the branch
National EUR credit transfer to account of legal entity at the bank 0,27 EUR 1,30% of payment amount 
minimum 1,59 EUR 
maximum 17,25 EUR

National EUR credit transfer to accounts in other banks in Croatia

0,35% of payment amount 
minimum 0,27 EUR
maximum 2,65 EUR


1,30% of payment amount 
minimum 1,59 EUR 
maximum 17,25 EUR
National EUR credit transfer to accounts in other banks in Croatia using KlikPay service 0,00 EUR not applicable

Tariff overview is available at Transaction fees for Private individuals.



Need any help?


The mojaRBA app instruction manual is here. And, should you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 072 62 62 62 or write to us at

We wish you a pleasant experience with mojaRBA mobile banking!


  • Technical requirements
    • mojaRBA application is available for mobile devices running operating systems:
      •    Apple iOS version 15.0 or later,
      •    Google / App Gallery Android version 8.0 or later.

      Network traffic charge is paid only to a mobile operator and the cost is not associated with the bank.





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