Zlatna RBICA loyalty program

Where every euro is worth more!

Zlatna RBICA loyalty program

Where every euro is worth more!

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Rewards every time!

Under the Zlatna RBICA loyalty program your euro is worth more. 
To become a program member, you need to be an RBA Personal Mastercard and Visa credit card holder and you´re in automatically! Program is completely free of charge, and all you need to do is use your RBA cards when shopping!

Zlatna RBICA allows you to collect points for each payment made with your RBA (credit and debit) cards at any point of sale in the country and abroad and when making online payments for goods and services, including installments purchases. All cards of your additional cardholders and authorized persons also collect points for you. Exchange your points for a Zlatna RBICA euro equivalent on your card and spend it whenever you like, at any points of sale of RBA partners.


  • Free membership

    Free membership

    Participation in the RBA Loyalty program is free of charge (no membership fee) and requires no additional paperwork.

  • Collecting points with all RBA cards

    Collecting points with all RBA cards

    You collect points with all RBA personal cards: both euro and multi-currency current account credit and debit cards, and your additional cardholders also collect points for you.

  • The same value in euro with all partners

    The same value in euro with all partners

    Collected points have the same value in euro at all points of sale of RBA program partners.

  • No paper vouchers

    No paper vouchers

    The Zlatna RBICA euro amounts are transferred to you as the principal RBA credit card holder and you can use them with any of your RBA cards (credit or debit, with the exception of the multi-currency current account card)

  • Flexibility in spending

    Flexibility in spending

    Choose for yourself how much of the Zlatna RBICA euros you want to spend and at which point of sale - you need not decide in advance, when exchanging the points for euro, where and how much you will spend.

  • Zlatna RBICA euro amounts are valid indefinitely

    Zlatna RBICA euro amounts are valid indefinitely

    Any points collected are valid for 3 years (from the date of transaction in which they were collected). But once you exchange them for Zlatna RBICA euro amounts, these are valid indefinitely.

How to use the program

  • Collecting points
    • 1 For every euro spent with your RBA cards you collect points:
      • 6 points for POS credit card payments,
      • 1,5 points for POS debit card spending.
      For installment purchases with RBA cards you instantly get points for the entire transaction amount.

  • Exchanging points for euro
    • 2 At your request, any points collected are converted into equivalent amount in euro on your RBA card (Zlatna RBICA euro amounts) according to this table:

      Collected points Zlatna RBICA euros
      11.000 10,00 EUR
      22.000 20,00 EUR
      33.000 30,00 EUR
      44.000 40,00 EUR
      55.000 50,00 EUR
      66.000 60,00 EUR
      77.000 70,00 EUR
      88.000 80,00 EUR
      99.000 90,00 EUR
      110.000 100,00 EUR
      165.000 150,00 EUR


      See How to exchange points to Zlatna RBICA euros!

  • Where to spend your euros
    • 3 You can find the available Zlatna RBICA euro amount in mojaRBA mobile banking or internet banking or by calling RBA INFO 072 62 62 62.
      You can spend your euros in stores of RBA´s program partners using any of your RBA cards. 

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