Visa Iris Fashion
credit card

Visa Iris Fashion
credit card

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The unique Visa Iris Fashion credit card!

Visa Iris Fashion is Raiffeisen bank´s contactless credit card made in collaboration with Iris Fashion that brings you an array of benefits! With all the standard characteristics and benefits of a credit card see what else does this unique credit card offers!



  • Welcome gift

    Welcome gift

    To every new user of the Visa IF credit card we provide a welcome gift of EUR 13.27 / HRK 100.00 that can already be used in the first purchase in Iris Fashion stores.

  • Discount on every purchase!

    Discount on every purchase!

    5% discount on every purchase made with Visa IF credit card at the Iris Fashion stores - the discount is valid for already discounted products.

  • Gift certificate every month!

    Gift certificate every month!

    EUR 13.27 / HRK 100.00 gift certificate every month in which you make at least a EUR 132.72 / HRK 1,000.00 purchase with your Visa IF card at the Iris Fashion stores or EUR 6.64 / HRK 50.00 gift certificate for every month in which you make purchases of at least EUR 66.36 / HRK 500.00 at the Iris Fashion stores. 

  • Additional benefits

    Additional benefits

    Additional occasional discounts and special benefits for using the Visa IF credit card!


Fixed exchange rate of conversion of the kuna to the euro: 1 euro = HRK 7.53450 is applied for the dual display of the amount of fees and other monetary presentations, taking into account the conversion and rounding rules in accordance with the Act on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia.

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