She knows about RBA

RBA woman entrepreneur

She knows about RBA

RBA woman entrepreneur

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Are you a woman entrepreneur and owner of a company or a craft shop?

Would you like a bank as a partner who understands and supports your business and private financial needs? Are you interested in the experiences of other female business owners? The first step to obtaining benefits is to open a business account at RBA, and you can request benefits from the program until June 30, 2024. Have a look at the advantages of the She Knows about RBA program and enhance your business.  


  • A Comprehensive Offer

    A Comprehensive Offer

    Save time and keep both your business and private accounts in one place

  • Lower Business Expenses

    Lower Business Expenses

    More favourable terms of financing and daily business with the FlexiBIZ STANDARD or BALANCE business package

  • Exclusive offer

    Exclusive offer

    The optimal combination of banking services in the PREMIUM package with your personal current account

  • Integral Financial Solution

    Integral Financial Solution

    The products of the Bank and Group provide solutions for your financial needs

  • Networking


    We connect women in business through various programs and workshops

Special offers



    Optimize your expenses with the FlexiBIZ STANDARD or FlexiBIZ BALANCE entrepreneurial package 
    free of charge for the first 6 months
    Including the month in which the FlexiBIZ package is contracted.
    Advantages of using the FlexiBIZ STANDARD/BALANCE business package:
    → includes particular package transactions free of charge
    →internet and mobile banking free of charge
    → lower business expenses
    Take advantage of the additional benefits of the FlexiBIZ BALANCE package: free ORYX assistance and a privileged exchange rate! Compare our entrepreneurial packages.

    Business Mastercard credit card
    25% discount on the registration fee for the BMC credit card  + UNIQA travel health insurance 
    50% discount on the registration fee for the BMC credit card  + UNIQA travel health insurance 





    Premium package 

    free of charge for the first 12 months 
    Transfer your regular income to the Current Account with RBA and use Premium PLATINUM, GOLD or SILVER package free of charge for the first 12 months.
    Advantages of using the FlexiFIT package:
    → Faster and easier business with your bank for all your needs, with your own personal banker, contact by mobile phone and pre-arranged meetings within the bank’s discretionary area
    → Financial planning that we create according to your plans
    ORYX Home Assistance and Roadside Assistance
    → Visa Platinum or Visa Gold credit card (depending on the type of Premium package selected)
    Choose the Premium PLATINUM, GOLD or SILVER package and find the ideal package for you.

    Personal Credit Cards - choose your MasterCard, Visa Classic, Visa Gold or Visa Iris Fashion card
    ► no entry fee and no membership fee for the first year of use + 20.000 Zlatna RBICA points (loyalty rewards program) as a gift to you




  • Women in Adria
    • Women in Adria

      The women customers of Raiffeisenbank have a 15% discount on the membership in Women in Adria.
      The Women in Adria program is intended for entrepreneurs and ambitious women who wish to achieve a successful career. The program aims at inspiring, informing and connecting women entrepreneurs by using the services and events within the scope of the program. Learn more  Find out more

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