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Choose a RBA package that best suits your need to get discounts and benefits when using banking services.

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If a combination of flexibility and value sounds attractive, try out our RBA current account package!

Arranging a RBA package provides the possibility of using several services with additional benefits, which are all inclusive in the price of monthly fee.

Do you pay your monthly water, electricity and other utility bills? Do you have a credit card or would like to use one? Have you ever had any unforeseen expenses? Do you need additional health, home or car insurance? Most people who answered at least two of these questions affirmatively chose the RBA Full&Cool package!

Choose your own RBA package!


  • Flat monthly fee

    Flat monthly fee

    You can use all the services included in the package but pay only a flat monthly fee.
    Use more, pay less!

  • Cheaper euro payments in most packages

    Cheaper euro payments in most packages

    50% cheaper euro payments via on-line banking included in most packages or free od charge in RBA Full&Cool package!

  • Additional benefits

    Additional benefits

    We have included insurance or assistance services in almost all RBA packages offered. Choose the ones you wish to use!


Choose your RBA package:

RBA Start&Go

RBA Full&Cool

RBA Young&Free

52,74 HRK

7,00 EUR

per month

75,35 HRK

10,00 EUR

per month

0,00 HRK

0,00 EUR

per month

+ Current account management with Debit Mastercard

+ Current account management with Debit Mastercard

+ Current account management with Debit Mastercard

+ mojaRBA mobile banking

+ mojaRBA mobile banking

+ mojaRBA mobile banking

+ internet banking

+ internet banking

+ internet banking


+ Credit card of your choice (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa IF, Mastercard)

+ Credit card of your choice (Visa Classic, Mastercard)


+ 50% lower fee for national and international credit transfer in euro from current account through On-line banking within the SEPA


+ unlimited number of free national and international credit transfer in euro from current account through On-line banking within the SEPA


+ UNIQA additional health insurance
ORYX Home Assistance and Roadside Assistance

+ Multi-currency Current Account management with Visa Debit Card

+ Multi-currency Current Account management with Visa Debit Card


+ Giro Account management


+ Multi-currency Giro Account management


+ SMS Account Balance

*The offer is valid for new clients who open RBA Start&Go current account package online. **The offer is valid only through recommendation program Friends by Account for clients who contract RBA Full&Cool package and transfer their regular income to RBA account. ***The offer is available to clients who do not have a current account with the Bank or RBA mobile banking.

ORYX Assistance - RBA Full&Cool package


When you select the ORYX Roadside Assistance and Home Assistance in the RBA Full&Cool package, in emergency cases, when dealing with a situation fast is crucial, you just need to know the ORYX Contact Centre toll-free number for RBA clients 0800 5003 (available 24 hours a day).
If your car breaks down, the Roadside Assistance service will repair it on site or take it to the nearest repair shop free of charge.
The package also includes the Putni anđeo (Travel Angel) smartphone application which, by keeping track of the vehicle speed, noise and other parameters, detects occurrence of a traffic accident and automatically dials ambulance, the police, the fire service or roadside assistance.
The Home Assistance service covers emergency repairs by locksmiths, plumbers, joiners, glaziers and electricians up to the amount of EUR 199.08 / HRK 1,500.00 yearly.
Additionally, the ORYX membership card allows you unlimited use of discounts at sales venues of the ORYX Saving Program partners (available on Croatian only).
All information and terms are available in the General Terms and Conditions of ORYX Assistance Benefits Linked to the RBA Full&Cool Package (available on Croatian only).

UNIQA Insurance

  • Accidental death or illness insurance
    • Uniqa osiguranje u slučaju smrti od nezgode ili bolesti

      Get insured and provide an additional source of funding for your loved ones in case of unforeseen life situations. The amount insured of 1.990,84 EUR / 15.000,00 HRK will be paid to legal heirs. If such a situation arises at a time when the Bank has any claims on your current account, such claims will be covered from the amount insured and the rest of the balance will be paid to your heirs.

  • Additional health insurance
    • Uniqua dodatno zdravstveno osiguranje

      Get additional health coverage enabling you to undergo specialist medical examinations worth up to 99,54 EUR / 750,00 HRK and diagnostic procedures worth up to 99,54 EUR / 750,00 HRK if medically indicated, in each policy per year. Medical examinations and tests will be arranged for yoou by the MediUNIQA medical service (tel. +385 1 6324 275), whose professional advisers are at your service 24/7. Medical services are provided at the institutions which are UNQA´s contractual partners. More (Available in Croatian only)


Fixed exchange rate of conversion of the kuna to the euro: 1 euro = HRK 7.53450 is applied for the dual display of the amount of fees and other monetary presentations, taking into account the conversion and rounding rules in accordance with the Act on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia.

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