Cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts Zagreb

Cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts Zagreb

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You are an Artisan and a member of the Chamber of Crafts Zagreb?

In order to facilitate such artisan business, Raiffeisen Bank in cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts Zagreb provides special benefits for members of the Chamber involved in the project Artifex.

Users of the program Artifex Raiffeisen bank offers more favorable, lower fee for loans and discount on the regular fee for FLEXIBIZ entrepreneurial package.

The Artifex project also includes Raiffesien Leasing, which offers craftsmen special conditions.



  • More favorable lending terms

    More favorable lending terms

    Favorable, lower fees for loans with repayment period up to 36 months.

  • Transaction services

    Transaction services

    Discount on the amount of the regular fee to use FLEXIBIZ entrepreneurial package.

Lower fee for loan approval



Lending of craftsmen with a lower fee for loan approval.
Loan Type: Kuna loan and Kuna credit with currency clause in Euros
Loan purpose: for working capital and for investments
Repayment period: up to 36 months
Application Fee: 0.7%, minimum 500.00 Kn one time
► Other terms and conditions under the bank's business decision

Better business with our business packages



FlexiBIZ is an entrepreneurial package that you can use to save on contracting and using certain services. Package fees are considerably more favorable than the fees charged for the individual contracting of out-of-package services.

Members included in Artifex Raiffeisen Bank offers:
• Opening a transactional account free of charge,
• 10% discount on the amount of regular fee for use of FlexiBIZ business packages.

The discount applies to three business packages:

All packages include the use of basic products and services at no charge:
► Account maintenance / maintenance of FlexiBIZ savings account,
► Issuance of debit card - once per user,
► Internet Banking Fee.

For more information on additional products and services included in each package, check FlexiBIZ Business Package

The discount is realized on new contracts.
For existing contracts, the fee is reduced to the request of the HOK member who is the beneficiary of the service.