Tourism loans

Get ready for the forthcoming tourist season!

Tourism loans

Get ready for the forthcoming tourist season!

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If you are in the business of tourist accommodation, take advantage of a tourist loan in order to prepare your accommodation capacities even for the most demanding guests. Whether you are buying, building or adapting your existing capacities or building a pool and taking care of the surrounding environment, make your service better and get ready for the new season with RBA tourist loan.



Construction, extension, completion of accommodation facilities


Purchase, adaptation and equipping of accommodation facilities

Purchase, construction of swimming pools and landscaping

Refinancing tourism loans


  • Grace period

    Grace period

    Grace period can be granted for a period of up to 12 months

  • Choice loan repayment

    Choice loan repayment

    Possibility of monthly or annual loan repayment

  • Loan disbursement

    Loan disbursement

    Loan amount can be disbursed to borrowers current account or payed out in cash

  • No mortgage required

    No mortgage required

    Without pledge right on real estate for the loans up to 15.000,00 EUR

  • Tourism as core business

    Tourism as core business

    Borrower may be also a person who receives monthly income only from tourist activities

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Terms of tourism loans

  • Choose between two loan models

    Choose between two loan models


    Loan amount (Model I) from 1.000,00 EUR to 15.000,00 EUR
    Loan amount (Model II) from 15.001,00 EUR to 200.000,00 EUR
    (secured by mortgage lien on real estate property)
    Loan repayment period from 3 to 15 years
    Loan processing fee no fee
    Interest rate 4,00%, fixed, annual


      Detailed terms of tourism loans (available in Croatian only)

  • Example of total loan amount and total costs:

    Example of total loan amount and total costs:

    Loan amount 15.000,00 EUR
    Regular interest rate 4,00%
    Effective interest rate (EIR) 4,07%
    Loan repayment period 84 months (7 years)
    Number of annuity 84
    Monthly annuity 205,03 EUR
    Intercalary interest rate 47,67 EUR
    Interest rate for the period of loan repayment 2.222,52 EUR
    Loan processing fee
    0,00 EUR
    Total payment amount  17.270,19 EUR
    The calculation of representative example is presented assuming of loan disbursement 1.6. and intercalary interest payments until 30.6.2023., standard annuity monthly repayment.
    In keeping with the Act on Consumer Housing Loans:
    - Loan amount from 15.001,00 EUR up to 200.000,00 EUR is secured by pledge right on real estate
    - Along with a loan contracting agreement on additional service is required: real estate insurance policy for loans secured by pledge right on real estate.