Card activation

Your new debit RBA card or credit card is inactive as a safety measure against possible misuse. Activate your card immediately upon receipt by calling the RBA INFO line.

Card activation options

  • How to activate a card?

    How to activate a card?

    Please call RBA INFO line to activate your new debit or credit card.

    Reissued card (a card reissued on expiry of the valid thru date)
    A reissued debit card will be active immediately after the first PIN-verified transaction.
    A reissued credit card is active immediately on the date under ˝valid from˝.

    Lost or stolen cards
    If a card has been reported lost, stolen or damaged or if the holder´s name has changed, the new card needs to be activated by calling the RBA INFO line..

Card activation


Activate your card via iDIREKT internet banking

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