Card activation

Activate your card immediately upon receipt using mojaRBA mobile application or Internet banking.

How to activate RBA card - mojaRBA mobile banking


Activate your card in just two clicks!

When you have cards for activation, in mojaRBA app, above the “Accounts” list, a card activation icon will be visible:
1. From the Card Activation screen, select the card you want to activate and tap Activate Card
2. Confirm that you receipt of the card, authorize activation and your card is activated and ready to use.
Activate the cards after checking that the data on the card you received by mail, matches the data in the mojaRBA application.

How to activate RBA card - Internet banking


Activate your card by Internet banking!

Internet Banking
• in your online banking application select Card activation in the Tabs menu
• on the Activate debit and credit cards screen, select the * card you want to activate
• authorize the request with your device (identical to payment order authorization)
• after activation confirmation, you will see a message that your card is ready to use.
Activate the card only upon receipt of the card by post, or when you have checked that the card data matches the data in the application.
* Multiple cards can be activated at the same time

How to activate RBA card - INFO phone


RBA INFO phone
• Call info phone 072626262, prepare your OIB and card number and select 0 to activate the card.


Reissued cards (re-issuing card after expiration date)
A redeemable debit card is active immediately after the first PIN transaction.
A re-launched credit card is active immediately with the date of validity.

Loss or theft of a card
In case of loss, theft, damage to the card or change of name / surname - the new card must be activated via RBA iDIREKT Internet Banking or by calling the RBA INFO phone.

Card activation


Activate your card via iDIREKT internet banking

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