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Custody services

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Purchase shares in foreign investment UCITS funds

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. enables clients to purchase shares in foreign investment UCITS funds.

In order for foreign investment funds to offer their shares in the Republic of Croatia, they need to register 
with the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (CFSSA).

In addition, the management company of such UCITS funds must ensure:
• making payments to UCITS unit-holders,
• issuing and redeeming units of the UCITS,
• making available documents and information related to the UCITS and communicating all relevant documents and information to investors who have purchased units in the Republic in Croatia, and
• handling investor complaints in accordance with Article 63 of the Act on Open-Ended Investment Funds with a Public Offering 

One of the prerequisites for registration in the Republic of Croatia is the engagement of Payment and Information Agent.

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. provides paying and information agent services for investment UCITS funds under management companies:
- AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S.à r.l., Luxembourg, for UCITS funds: AB FCP I and AB SICAV I
- Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage Gesellschaft m.b.H., Austria (KAG), for UCITS funds: Raiffeisen Euro Bonds (R) VTA, Raiffeisen US-Dollar Bonds (R) VTA, Raiffeisen EmergingMarkets-Bonds (R) VTA,  Raiffeisen European HighYield (R) VTA, Raiffeisen European Equities (R) VTA, Raiffeisen Sustainable US Equities (R) VTA and Raiffeisen EmergingMarket Equities (R) VTA
- Schroder Investment Management (Luxembourg) S.A., Luxembourg, for UCITS funds: Schroder ISF Emerging Asia, Schroder ISF Emerging Europe, Schroder ISF Emerging Markets, Schroder ISF EURO Bond, Schroder ISF EURO High Yield, Schroder ISF European Alpha Absolute Return, Schroder ISF Global Credit Income, Schroder ISF Global Equity Alpha, Schroder ISF Japanese Equity, Schroder ISF QEP Global Quality and Schroder ISF US Dollar Bond.

List of all foreign funds registered in the Republic of Croatia are available on


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