Capital markets


A leading arranger of securities issues on the domestic capital market

We are one of the first banks in Croatia to offer its customers services or arranging the sale of debt and equity securities in the capital market. We have participated in all editions of government bonds on the domestic market and are one of the leading arrangers of corporate debt instruments.

Our team of investment banking consists of top experts with years of experience and knowledge of the local market and can answer all your needs. We have built solid business relationships with domestic institutional investors and major regional and international investors in the market of Central and Eastern Europe.

An important role is paid to support the secondary trading (specialist shops, eng. "Market making") for all financial instruments whose we offer or sale arranged. This maintains the liquidity of these instruments in the secondary market and reduces the risk of insolvency and gives certainty to potential investors.

Investment banking services

  • Investment Banking

    Investment Banking

    Investment banking offers services of underwriting and sales: 
    • financial instruments with underwriting
    • financial instruments without underwriting

  • Financial instruments

    Financial instruments

    Debt securities:
    • bonds - government, corporate, municipal
    • bonds with zero coupon
    • structured debt securities

    Equity securities:
    • stocks - initial and secondary public offerings, capital increase through the capital market, the sale of shares through the capital market, privatization through the capital market, listing on the organized market (through the stock exchange), sale of shares to employees of companies or the participation of employees in the privatization of companies, ESOP - Employee Stock Ownership plan and ESPP - Employee Stock Purchase plan
    • convertible bonds
    • preference shares

    Money market instruments:
    • commercial papers

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