Sustainable (ESG) Finance

Project Finance, Investment and Loans for Construction, Purchase or Adaptation of Real Estate

Sustainable (ESG) Finance

Project Finance, Investment and Loans for Construction, Purchase or Adaptation of Real Estate

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What is Sustainable Finance?

Sustainable or ESG finance (Environmental, Social and Governance in financing) is financing your investments that have a measurable sustainable (ESG) impact, either by green loans or by issuing green bonds. 
We finance green investments, such as investments in renewable energy sources, green buildings, green transportation, waste management, water management, as well as other ESG purposes. Also, we financially support your investments directed at gradual (transitional) measurable reduction of CO2 emissions and energy saving, as well as all activities with positive impact on climate changes.    
As a market leader in the ESG financial market, we wish to support you in making the transition to carbon-neutral technologies and other activities in accordance with the global trends, as well as with the EU targets related to gradual transition to a climate-neutral economy by 2050, as well as to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 

Our products are tailored to take in account your needs and the ESG investments but are also in compliance with the national guidelines and activities determined by the EU Taxonomy.


Which Investments are considered ESG Investments?

All your (ESG) investments focused on:

• green buildings
• green energy
• green transportation
• waste management 
• water management 
• circular economy 
• health system  
• education
• sustainable cities and local authorities
or any other investment that meets the national guidelines and activities defined under the EU Taxonomy.


What do we offer within Sustainable Finance?

ESG Investment Loans – loans are offered to companies that plan long-term investments with a green or social purpose which meet the predefined criteria. Examples of green funding are investments in energy efficiency improvements in manufacturing processes, green transport, green energy, etc.

ESG Project Finance – project finance is based on realization of your project with a measurable environmental impact.  Loan repayment relates to the financed assets, the expected project cash flow and the insurance value of project assets that have been invested for the ESG purposes.

ESG Loans for Construction, Purchase or Adaptation of Real Estate – loans are intended for your investments in housing or public buildings in keeping with the local regulations and EU Taxonomy. The aim is to increase energy efficiency and energy saving, be it by construction of new buildings, reconstruction of existing buildings or purchase of buildings.


What services do we offer our clients in the Capital Market?

As a finance instrument, Green Bonds are present significantly and they have seen strong growth in the EU. Likewise, issuers have been increasingly interested in issuing green as well as other forms of sustainable bonds in Croatia. We find that green bonds are the future of the debt capital market and we have pressed on to position our Bank as the leader in this segment. 

Therefore, we are here for you, providing professional support and counselling for issues of green but also of other sustainable bonds, which includes:

1. Advice on dynamics, options and opportunities in the markets of sustainable debt securities.

2. Counselling related to specific requests / requests for financing and role of arranger/bookrunner/lander 

3. Co-operation when selecting an ESG rating agency