Secure online shopping with RBA credit cards

Secure online shopping with RBA cards - program for secure onlline purchase Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode - a service that provide the highest security level in online payments.

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  • Security standards

    Security standards

    In order to ensure security of online payments by all RBA credit and debit card, we have implemented the most advanced security standards provided by Mastercard - MasterCard SecureCode and Visa - Verified by Visa.

    Online point of sale compliant with security standards can be identified by the following symbols:






  • Security code

    Security code

    Each payment is confirmed by entering a security code that is known to you only, preventing unauthorised use of your cards online. By entering the correct security code, you verify that you are the owner of the card. No purchase will be completed unless you enter the correct security code. Even if someone knows your credit or debit card number, the purchase cannot be completes without your security code.

  • Identity verification

    Identity verification

    During a Secure online purchase using your RBA card, you will verify your identity:
    • by using an existing authentication device (mToken, card reader, token) or
    • by entering your personal password (to be generated during the service activation process).

  • Service activation

    Service activation

    The service can be activated both during an online purchase or through our website.
    The service is free and simple to use!
    You only need to register once, after which you can make carefree online purchases using all your RBA credit or debit cards.
    Activate RBA cards Secure online purchase service today!