Because your time is precious.


Because your time is precious.

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RaiConnect-Let's Roll!


You know what is most important to you. And we wish to offer a modern way of communicating so you could save more time and energy for your priorities. 
RaiConnect can become your daily way of communicating with the bank. This mobile application allows you to make calls to your personal banker, send them messages, documentation, share screens, and so forth. What is most important, communication through RaiConnect is protected and secure.
With RaiConnect you save precious time, realize your requests faster and minimize visits to the branch. 
If accessing the app via a web interface is more convenient for you, feel free to use your computer instead of the mobile phone.


  • Advantages of Premium Banking from the comfort of your home or office

    Advantages of Premium Banking from the comfort of your home or office

    Worry not about traffic jam and parking – hold a meeting with your personal banker by a video/audio call or text them.

  • Faster Realization of Your Requests

    Faster Realization of Your Requests

    With your personal banker, easily arrange resolving of all your requests and also agree products and services tailored to your needs.

  • Documentation Delivered to You

    Documentation Delivered to You

    Documents requiring to be signed are brought to you directly to the desired location in Zagreb, and in other cities such documentation will be exchanged with you at the branch. 

How to Contract the RaiConnect Service?


RaiConnect service is available to all users of the Premium package, at no additional charges.  
When contracting the Premium package, point out that you wish to use the RaiConnect service, and further steps are on us.
If you are already a user of the Premium package, just fill out the RaiConnect Application and submit it at any branch of your convenience. Following this, you will receive an access message to your e-mail address.
If you are not yet a Premium package user, and would like to become one, it is simple... contract the Premium package at any branch of your convenience, and point out that you wish to use RaiConnect.
To make use of the application easier, we prepared a Detailed User Guide (available on Croatian only).

Technical Requirements for a Video Call


Before contracting the service, make sure that your mobile device or personal computer meets the mentioned technical conditions in order to prevent any communication difficulties in advance. 
All details related to the service are provided in the document General Terms and Conditions.  


NOTE: The service is available within the office hours of your personal banker.

Download the RaiConnect application from the App Store for iOS devices. Soon, it will be possible to download the app from Google Play as well, for Android devices.


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