Mission and vision, customer value proposition



We are a highly-motivated team of finance professionals who always go the extra mile for our customers so that they can always be a step ahead in the accomplishing their personal and business plans. Our services are based on the experience of our staff, our European banking tradition and modern requirements of bank customers. In each interaction, we want our customers to feel the simplicity of banking with us, as well as the speed and availability of our services. We listen to and understand our customers and build a lasting partnership with them. We feel proud about the success of each of our customers. Then our mission is accomplished.



We will be the Number 1 bank in Croatia in terms of customer satisfaction and employee pride. Our customers will most frequently be recommending us to others, and that will be a strong foundation for our repositioning among leading banks in the Croatian market. Our success will be an incentive to all our employees and shareholders to continue to reinforce the bank's role in Croatia’s economy.

Customer value proposition

Expertise, trust and quality.

Our approach
At RBA, we attentively acknowledge our customers’ needs. With professional competence and in a holistic manner we support our clients' financial decisions and activities to foster their financial strength, stability and security.  

Benefit for the customer
Our customer relationship is based on knowledge, integrity, trustworthiness and transparency. In each interaction with them we provide clear, simple, prompt and accurate information.  

Why our customers should trust us
Our partnership with our customers is guided by professionalism, mutual trust, availability and kindness. Our strong dedication to delivering top quality solution which are appropriate for our customers contributes to mutual development and well-being, improves business standards and also facilitates the development of the society in which we operate.

Employee value proposition


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    Commitment and shared vision

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    Excellence and professionalism

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    Employee empowerment and development

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