Mastercard Business Debit Card

The Best for Your Business

Mastercard Business Debit Card

The Best for Your Business

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Easy access to your money at any time

Mastercard Business debit card is linked to your business account, so that your money is never far from you!
Non-cash payments, cash withdrawals, cash deposits and control of costs are but a few of the benefits of using a debit card.

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  • Accessibility of cash

    Accessibility of cash

    Use your card to make payments and withdraw cash at a large number of ATMs and points of sale

  • Contactless payment transactions

    Contactless payment transactions

    Just hold your card against a POS device and the transaction is completed! No waiting!

  • Management of funds

    Management of funds

    Choose beneficiaries of the funds and limits for each of them.

  • Cash deposit

    Cash deposit

    Deposit cash into your account at deposit ATMs, regardless of the opening hours of the branch.

  • Expense monitoring

    Expense monitoring

    Monitor your business expenses in a simple and transparent manner!

  • Online purchase

    Online purchase

    Carefree purchase is ensured by the highest secuity standards - Mastercard® Identity Check™!

Everyday support to your business

  • Mastercard Business debit card

    Mastercard Business debit card

    Designed for legal and private entities engaging in a registered activity in the Republic of Croatia.
    It may be issued to authorised signatories for your transaction account and to other holders who may use them according to your needs.

    Use the debit card:
    ► for cash deposits at RBA ATMs,
    ► for cash withdrawals at ATMs,
    ► for payment transactions at points of sale and online.

    Choose card holders:
    ► signatories on the account,
    ► other persons according to your needs.

    Choose limits:
    ► for cash withdrawals at ATMs,
    ► for payment transactions at points of sale.
    There are seven different options for choosing the daily limit amount for cash withdrawals and payment transactions via POS units.

Fee Fee amount
Debit card issuance - per user 3,98 EUR one-time fee
Debit card  use - per user free of charge

An overview of fees is available in the document Extract from decision on service fees - business entities.


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