Fiscal cash register

Fiscal cash register integrated into the POS terminal

Fiscal cash register

Fiscal cash register integrated into the POS terminal

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One-step fiscalisation solution!

Request a device that combines the issuing of fiscal receipts and card payment, and choose the ideal solution for your business!

POS Terminal Usage Fees


Acknowledging and understanding the current difficult business circumstances of our clients, we decided to terminate the fees for POS terminal usage. This decision applies to clients who will not be realizing turnover at their respective POS terminals throughout the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, starting as of 01 March until 30.06.2020 conclusively.


- free installation
- free support and pricing updates
- arrange issuing of fiscal receipts and card payment in one step


  • Advantages


    Thanks to its many advantages, the POS fiscal cash register brings a new level of simplicity and practicality to your business!

  • Flexibility and reliability

    Flexibility and reliability

    Absolute implementation flexibility and reliability of operation in all weather and location conditions

  • Additional services

    Additional services

    Use a POS Fiscal cash register for other services available, such as DCC transactions, instalment sales...

  • Dodatne usluge

    Dodatne usluge

    Koristite POS Fiskalnu blagajnu i za druge dostupne usluge kao DCC transakcije, prodaju na rate...

Podrška servisa


• besplatna intervencija na terenu
• besplatna podrška oko unosa i ažuriranje cjenika 
• ugovaranje fiskalne blagajne i kartičnog plaćanja u jednom koraku

RBA POS Fiscal cashier

  • Receipt signing

    Receipt signing

    The RBA cash register performs the fiscalisation of issued receipts via the central server. Any receipts not signed because of Internet failure when issued will be signed automatically once the Internet is reconnected.

  • Overview of issued receipts

    Overview of issued receipts

    Any issued receipts will be permanently stored on a central server from which can be printed out or saved as a file to your own archive. 

  • Price list configuration

    Price list configuration

    Product and item entry is possible through a user web interface via  data file or manually on the POS terminal itself. 

  • Data export

    Data export

    Data about receipts issued on the RBA cash register may be exported through CSV file for book-keeping purposes. 

  • GPRS POS technology

    GPRS POS technology

    The issuing of fiscal receipts and card payment are based on the GPRS POS technology.

Fee for new users  
Fee for POS terminal with fiscal cash register installation 100,00 HRK + PDV 
Fee for POS terminal with fiscal cash register 200,00 HRK + PDV  

 All fees available in the Tarrif for acceptance of card products at sales vanues.