FlexiBIZ transaction account overdraft

FlexiBIZ transaction account overdraft

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Transaction account overdraft ensures greater business liquidity

Sometimes your current financial liabilities may exceed your current payment inflows. FlexiBIZ transaction account overdraft facilitates liquidity management by allowing you to use the approved overdraft facility according to your cash-flow needs.


  • Simple disposal of funds

    Simple disposal of funds

    Your funds are always available in your transaction account, and any amounts used will be repaid automatically on each inflow to the account.

  • Automatic overdraft renewal

    Automatic overdraft renewal

    The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and is valid until recalled by you or by the Bank.

  • Interest payable on the used amount only

    Interest payable on the used amount only

    The overdraft interest is charged on the used amount only and not on the total overdraft amount.

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  • Terms


    The overdraft amount depends on your needs and creditworthiness, but may be up to a maximum of EUR 255,000.

  • Lower costs for FlexiBIZ corporate users

    Lower costs for FlexiBIZ corporate users

    Depending on your choice of the FlexiBIZ corporate package, you are entitled to a 10-25% discount on the overdraft authorisation fee.

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