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Investment funds

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You have been thinking about alternative forms to invest your assets and achieve higher yields than the ones from savings account interests but you have no experience or knowledge of investments in investment funds? Learn about the possibilities of investing in the flexible and transparent environment of Raiffeisen investment funds and trust your assets to professionals.

Advantages for you

  • Lower Expenses

    Lower Expenses

    Trading costs in investment funds are lower than those for individual investments because of higher quantities of instruments traded. Therefore, by savings in investment funds, your costs are lower. 

  • Availability


    Your assets are available to you because at request you can buy back your shares whenever you decide. Start your savings with minimum initial investments.

  • Legal Protection

    Legal Protection

    In order to protect investors, investment funds are subject to supervision of the HANFA and to strict rules and supervision of licences.

  • Transparency


    You have overview of all your investment information. Raiffeisen Invest d.o.o. regularly reports and publishes information on trends of the shares in the funds they manage. 


Investing in investment funds brings with it also certain risks, which are presented in detail, along with other information, in the Prospect and the Rules of every individual fund.
Details on share values, risks and investment strategy are available on the Raiffeisen Invest web site.

More on Raiffeisen Investment Funds

  • Bond Funds
    • Bond funds invest in debt securities, or bonds that are characterized by lower share value oscillation (risk). Such funds aim at a stable growth of share value by investing in government and corporate bonds that yield a fixed interest. Find out more (available in Croatian only)

  • Special funds
    • Special funds invest in various asset classes according to pre-defined rules. Management strategies are oriented towards maintaining the value of the initial investment, along with realizing acceptable attractive yields. Find out more (available in Croatian only)

How to invest?


Study the Prospectus and Rules of the respective funds before choosing a fund in which you wish to invest. For any inquiries, professional assistance and realization of your investment, please contact us at any RBA retail branch of your convenience, or on the following telephone number:
Raiffeisen Invest – Direkcija prodaje i razvoja proizvoda
Tel: +385 1 6003 777

More information on investing in the investment funds is available on the site of Raiffeisen invest d.o.o. (available in Croatian only)


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