Housing loans

Housing loans

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Your life´s needs


Living on your own, in your own space, will give you a sense of peace, pride and self-satisfaction.
Declare independence, get your own squares with our housing loan on even more favorable terms!


  • Without the loan repayment insurance

    Without the loan repayment insurance

    Favorable loan terms without the obligation to arrange a loan repayment insurance.

  • Without cost estimate of real estate

    Without cost estimate of real estate

    Arrange a housing loan without cost estimate of real estate!

  • Easy loan approval processing for housing loans with the purpose of adaptation

    Easy loan approval processing for housing loans with the purpose of adaptation

    Loans with the purpose of adaptation are disbursed to borrowers current account with no need to provide construction invoices after the loan is disbursed and no additional fees.

Flexi Housing loan


Choose RBA housing loans with a combination of fixed and variable interest rate!

Housing loan for the purpose of purchase:

► from 14.000,00 EUR to 500.000,00 EUR
► repayment period up to 30 years

*Example of total loan amount and total costs:

Types of interests rates Fixed for 5 years, then variable
Loan amount 60.000,00 EUR
Regular interest rate 2,80%
Regular interest rate upon expiration of fixed interest rate 3,45%
Effective interest rate (EKS) 3,34%
Loan repayment period 240 months
Number of installments 240
Monthly installment with fixed interest rate 326,78 EUR
Monthly installment with variable interest rate 341,87 EUR
Interest rate for the period of loan repayment 21.143,40 EUR
Intercalary interest rate 138,08 EUR
Loan processing fee 0,00 EUR
Total payment amount 82.368,27 EUR

Calculation example is presented for the purpose of buying, for the Bank's clients, assuming that the loan disbursement date is on 1.1. and payment of intercalate interests by 31.1.2023., standard annuity repayment.
Regular variable interest rate after the fixed interest rate expires is defined as the sum of the fixed part of 2.80% and of the 12-month EURIBOR determined on the day of 17.8.2022. in the amount of 1.15%, less 0.50% of the primary customer bonus.
The total payment amount and EIR include the average cost of the property assets insurance policy premium in the amount of  EUR 40,00 and the monthly account management fee in the amount of EUR 1.19. The Bank shall bear the real estate value appraisal cost.

Additional information in keeping with the Act on Consumer Housing Loans:

Loan is secured by mortgage lien on real estate property. 
Loan is agreed in EUR so there is no currency risk. As regards housing loans agreed at a variable interest rate, or at a fixed interest rate for a particular period and then a variable interest rate onwards, there is interest rate risk that can impact the amount of total contractual value as well as the amount of annuity/instalment paid by the consumer. Along with a loan, contracting agreements on additional services is required: agreement on current/multi-currency current account where obtaining the client status is necessary, property insurance policy and, if needed, life insurance policy.

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