Your own relationship manager

Your own relationship manager

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Business becomes faster, simpler and better in co-operation with your own relationship manager!

Our Premium Banking relationship managers are the experts in financial planning. They have been educated, trained and certified according to the Raiffeisen International methodology, acquiring the expertise, experience and know-how of one of the leading banks in the Central and Eastern Europe.

When it comes to your personal finances, make an appointment to meet your Premium Banking partner!
Once you become a Premium Client, your relationship manager will schedule an appointment at your convenience. During this meeting, your relationship manager will listen carefully to your long-term personal and career plans and goals, evaluate your current financial situation and devise a long-term financial strategy to enable you to achieve your goals such as the purchase, construction or refurbishment of your home over a certain period of time or propose how to simply secure and easy and carefree retirement.
Your relationship manager is also at your disposal in performing your usual business with the Bank and can provide you with answers to any questions about the Bank's and Group's products and services.Your relationship manager is a person in the Bank you can always call first.

Benefits of banking through your own relationship manager:

♦ Personal attention and customer care,
♦ Priority - faster and easier to carry out all banking tasks,
♦ agreed meetings at the discretionary premises of the Bank,
♦ Creating a personal long-term financial plan,
♦ Information on savings-investment products or financing products,
♦ Help with complaints or emergency emergencies.

In the comfortable environment of Premium Banking you can relax, have a confidential conversation with your personal banker and dedicate yourself to the realization of your financial needs.

Your personal banker is a person in the Bank you can always call first! Check on the following link which branches have a premium service available.