Priority treatment

Priority treatment

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As a Premium Client you will have nothing but positive experiences through a fast-tracked service and easier handling of all bank transactions as well as priority treatment in various other areas.

Your application for RBA products will be processed and financial transactions at Bank outlets conducted in the fastest and easiest manner.

At the Premium Banking zone the door is always open!

Priority treatment also applies to your telephone contacts with the Bank. You can contact your relationship manager on the mobile phone or priority RBA Call Centre number reserved for Premium Clients. 

As a Premium Client you can use a different channels to access your accounts or use Bank services around-the-clock.
The balance of your accounts can be monitored through the mDIREKT Account Balance service, where the information on your RBA credit cards transactions is available if you choose the mDIREKT Credit Cards service. The On-line banking (RBA internet and mobile banking) is also available to you at any time, enabling access to your accounts with the Bank and conduct transactions autonomously via the computer or mobile phone from any place in the world.

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority. So, we highly appreciate any suggestions you might have on further improvement which will effectively contribute to the high quality of Raiffeisen standard. We are available to deal with all your requests and complaints which will be given utmost priority and handled within shortest time possible.