Accident Insurance


Accident Insurance

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Every day we are exposed to situations that we cannot predict or control, and given the fast-paced lifestyle, we forget about the risks around us. Although we cannot predict accidents, we can mitigate their financial consequences by contracting an insurance policy.

Choose FlexiPROTECT accident insurance and insure your family and yourself.



Accident insurance

•any RBA client aged between 18 and 69 can be the insurance policyholder
•insurance coverage starts at the moment of payment of the first premium as written on the policy, and if not, the insurance coverage starts at 00:00 hours on the next work-day  after the first premium payment 
•the insurance is arranged for an unlimited term until cancellation
•the premium is paid monthly, by a standing order or payment slip
•you can cancel the policy by a written request within 14 days from the policy agreement date 
•the FlexiPROTECT insurance policy is valid world-wide
•mentally ill persons, persons with mental disorders, disabled persons and persons permanently incapacitated for work can not be insured
•termination or cancellation of the policy can be requested by a written request at any RBA or UNIQA branch


Individual Insurance 

40 kn/ per month

  • Podnaslov

    The insured person is an RBA client who is the policyholder

  • Podnaslov

    The insurance beneficiary is the insured person, who is also the policyholder


Family Insurance

77 kn/ per month

  • Podnaslov

    The insured person is the policyholder, their spouse and children by the age of 25 (regardless of the children's gender or number)

  • Podnaslov

    The insurance beneficiary is every insured person, and for the child benefit payment – the policyholder


Policy Coverage:

Permanent disability over 50% - HRK 100,000 per insured person
Serious illness - HRK 10,000 
Child benefit payment - HRK 1,000 
Hospital in-patient benefit, due to accident (additional benefit) - HRK 50 



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