Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

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You take care of your health and want only the best service for yourself and your family? Then UNIQA supplemental health insurance with unlimited coverage for co-participation in health care costs is just for you. 

Supplemental Health Insurance


Supplemental health insurance covers all costs of co-participation in health care costs and additional charges within the mandatory CHIF health care system for: 

• health care services with primary care physicians,
• medicines from basic A-list,
• costs of additional payments for B-list medicines up to 398,17 EUR per year, if additionally agreed,
• medicines, the coverage includes also B-list medicines
• hospital treatment costs,
• orthopedic and other medical aids.

How much is the monthly premium? 


Access age Supplemental health insurance with A-list medicines Supplemental health insurance with A and B-list medicines
0-17 - 16,66 EUR
18-40 6,50 EUR 9,00 EUR
41-60 8,00 EUR 12,00 EUR
>60 15,00 EUR 35,00 EUR

UNIQA insurance - service availability


UNIQA insurance is available to you from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm

You can find all information about UNIQA insurance products and services and how to report damages here
,We remind you that you can check all the information about your insurance policies on the free portal for clients mojauniqa.



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