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  • Raiffeisen Leasing

    Raiffeisen Leasing

    Raiffeisen Leasing d.o.o. was established in 1999 and, as a member of the Raiffeisen Group, it has continued to develop an easily approachable and professional customer relationship. Thanks to experience and expertise, the Raiffeisen Leasing business team will successfully structure transactions, according to the customers’ individual preferences, to finance capital goods, passenger and commercial vehicles, rental car fleets, vessels, printing, medical, dental, and other equipment via finance and operating leases. These may be arranged at the company's headquarters in Zagreb or branches in all major Croatian cities. www.raiffeisen-leasing.hr

  • Raiffeisen pension funds

    Raiffeisen pension funds

    Raiffeisen Društvo za Upravljanje Obveznim i Dobrovoljnim Mirovinskim Fondovima d.d. (RMF; Raiffeisen Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company, Plc) manages mandatory and voluntary pension funds. Using an integrated approach to pension fund management, the company reinforces the quality and efficiency of portfolio management, while also greatly contributing to raising awareness of the importance, benefits and necessity of mandatory and voluntary pension savings. It manages three mandatory and seven voluntary pension funds, one of which is an open-end voluntary pension fund and six are closed-end voluntary pension funds. Among the sponsors of closed-end voluntary pension funds are some of the major Croatian companies and groups, as well as trade unions and associations of broad social significance. In each segment of its business, the Company complies with the highest standards – based on quality, professionalism and focus on each of its members, thanks to its highly professional and experienced staff with years of work experience and backed by excellent results. The Company’s main business goal is to achieve an appropriate return in relation to the risk assumed by investing the members’ assets and to increase the value of those assets to ensure adequate pension income to more than 543,000 members of mandatory and 67,000 members of voluntary pension funds. The Company has won numerous awards and honorary titles in recognitions of its quality; among these, it is worth noting an award of the prestigious European Investment and Pension Europe (IPE) magazine, which voted the Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund as the best small pension fund in 2005, as well as the best pension fund in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in 2008. www.rmf.hr

  • Raiffeisen MOD

    Raiffeisen MOD

    Raiffeisen Mirovinsko Osiguravajuće Društvo (RMOD; Raiffeisen Pension Insurance Company), established in 2002, remains the only pension insurance company in Croatia to this day. It provides payment of the pension income from mandatory and voluntary pension insurance, as well as those based on customers’ lump sum payments. Nearly 30 000 former and current pension beneficiaries are the best guarantee of the seriousness and professionalism with which RMOD executes the ultimate function in the implementation of the pension reform in Croatia – that of actual pension income payment. www.rmod.hr

  • Raiffeisen Invest

    Raiffeisen Invest

    Raiffeisen Invest, a UCITS management company, is among of the leading investment fund management companies in Croatia. Established on 30 January 2002 by Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb, it became a member of the international Raiffeisen family.It currently has under its management nine open-end investment funds with a public offering; Raiffeisen Flexi Euro kratkoročni obveznički, Raiffeisen Flexi Kuna kratkoročni obveznički, Raiffeisen Flexi USD kratkoročni obveznički, Raiffeisen Classic, Raiffeisen Fund Conservative, Raiffeisen Global Equities, as many as three special funds that are managed by applying specific investment strategies tailored to market trends: Raiffeisen Harmonic, Raiffeisen Wealth and FWR Multi-Asset Strategy I, mixed fund Raiffeisen Sustainable Mix and maturity funds Raiffeisen USD 2021 Bond and Raiffeisen Eurski Val 2025 Bond. Parallel with fund management, continuous development of its expert team and business improvements have allowed Raiffeisen Invest to also specialise in the management of clients’ private portfolio assets via the individualised FWR Portfolio service. Owing to long-standing experience, knowledge and expertise in the fund and private portfolio management, Raiffeisen Invest has gained recognition as a company capable of providing a top-notch investment service to clients; this is reflected in two “Golden Unit” awards for the best investment fund management company and eight “Golden Unit” awards for the best fund won by its funds in their particular category between 2003 and 2009. www.rbainvest.hr

  • Raiffeisen Consulting

    Raiffeisen Consulting

    Raiffeisen Consulting engages in real estate business – valuation, sales intermediation and construction consulting.  izlog.limun.hr

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    UNIQA Osiguranje d.d. is part of the UNIQA Group, one of the leading insurance groups in Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe. UNIQA has recorded steady growth through the 18 years of operation in Croatia. The Company is reinsured through the UNIQA Group with the world's top reinsurers: Münich Re, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, SCOR and AXA. UNIQA employs a staff of more than 700, who are available on a day-to-day basis to more than 350,000 clients in over 60 sales offices. www.uniqa.hr