Security of online payments

Security of online payments

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  • Access any services through the official website

    Access any services through the official website

    Always use the official web page ( to access the Internet banking service and make sure that a protected security protocol is used.
    Check if the Internet address line begins with https://, confirming that your Internet browser and Bank´s web server communicate using a protected encrypted channel.
    Lock icon means that the web page is signed by a security certificate (Verified by: VeriSign, Inc.).

  • Antivirus program and personal firewall

    Antivirus program and personal firewall

    Make sure to use anti-virus protection and personal firewall and keep your computer regulary maintaned.

  • Passwords and locking

    Passwords and locking

    Use strong passwords and lock your computer if you are not going to use it for a while.
    When devising your passwords, it is recommended to use sentences instead of words, as well as letters, numerals and special characters.

  • Suspicious e-mails and content

    Suspicious e-mails and content

    Do not open e-mails from unknown senders and those of suspicious content.
    Do not reply to e-mails asking you to send your PIN or similar information.
    The Bank will never ask you for:
    • a PIN used for any RBA card or authentication device
    • credit card security code
    • to install a tool sent via e-mail
    • date, time and amount or MAC address on log-in to Internet banking

    Do not follow links and do not open attachments in such messages, do not run or install additional software. 


Preporuke za poslovne subjekte


- ako imate više ovlaštenih osoba za raspolaganje sredstvima na računu, ugovorite autorizaciju transakcija s dva potpisnika
- ako ste jedini ovlaštenik koji samostalno autorizira transakcije koristeći ActivKey USB/SmartCard uređaj, zatražite token kao dodatni uređaj za autorizaciju
- kod nekorištenja internetskog bankarstva, uvijek isključite ActivKey USB/SmartCard uređaj

Upute za sigurnost internetskih plaćanja pročitajte ovdje.

Further information


Internet security

Further advice and recommendations for unhampered use of Internet services and protection of your personal data can be found on Croatian Banking Association (available only in Croatian).