Career at RBA

Career at RBA

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Career at RBA


Our employees are distinguished by commitment, professionalism and a proactive approach to business – the virtues that make us one of the top banks in the Croatian market.

We offer our employees professional growth, enhancement of their knowledge and skills and the possibility for advancement in various areas. Good team spirit, tolerance and diversity make us a dynamic group, improved further with the addition of each new team member and his/her ideas.

We are RBA:

• the first bank in Croatia to have been founded with foreign capital and the only one to have grown organically

• more than 20 years of positive business operations in Croatia

• a dynamic team of diverse professionals

• average length of service is 10 years

• average employee age is 39 years

• we are an example of positive selection when it comes to women

• we hire women in managerial positions (64%)

• as the Bank grows, so does the education level of our employees

• we have built the Bank from the ground up

• We change your life and business. For the better!

We love working at RBA because:

• we are there for the sake of customers

• we work with people from whom we learn something every day

• positive experiences are shared

• it gives us an opportunity to learn and improve our knowledge

• we can change the track of our career within the company

• our ideas and thoughts are acknowledged

• we participate in the Bank's development

• some of our colleagues become our friends

• we change for the better!

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