For future use of mojaRBA, upgrading the mobile device operating system is mandatory


In case your Android device has an operating system version lower than v8.0 or an iOS device runs an operating system version lower than v15.0, an operating system update is required.


With a few simple clicks to launch and a few minutes to update the operating system of the mobile device you will enable future use of the mobile banking app and greater security during online activity.

Why is it important to have a recent version of the operating system?

With the new version of the operating system on your mobile device, you are provided with the highest level of security and functionality available for your device and mojaRBA application. We recommend that you upgrade the operating system no later than 30 October 2023.

In case you do not update the operating system on your mobile device, and you currently have a lower version than the minimum supported version, you will not be able to install and use the new versions of the mojaRBA mobile application. You will be able to continue using the existing version of mojaRBA for a certain period of time, but this possibility will terminate at the end of this year.