Announcement of Changes in Branch Working Hours due to Euro Introduction


To reach us with ease in the transitional period, have a look at the temporary working hours of our branches from 30/12/2022 until 02/01/2023.


The year end is near and so is the completion of the changeover to the euro. Because of the final adjustments in the bank's business processes, in the period from 30/12/2022 until 02/01/2023, the working hours of RBA branches will change:

• Friday, 30/12 – shorter working hours, until 17:00

• Saturday, 31/12 and Sunday, 01/01 – closed for business

• Monday, 02/01 – open from 12:00 noon until the end of the usual working hours

During these days, we propose that you use the ATMs, according to the availability map on the following website

And no worries – cash withdrawals in Croatia with private debit cards on ATMs of other banks are free of charge in the period from 15/12/2022 until 15/01/2023.