FlexiSTUDENT package

Special offer for students

FlexiSTUDENT package

Special offer for students

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Your first credit card, together with giro and current account

If you are a student and you are under 27, ask your free FlexiSTUDENT package in any RBA branch. In the package with current and giro account you also have your first Mastercard or Visa Classic credit card.

What you get in package?



HRK 0 per month

  • Podnaslov (ovo je M29 modul)

    credit card with the limit of 3.000,00 HRK,

  • Podnaslov

    current account,

  • Podnaslov

    On-line banking (mobile and internet),

  • Podnaslov

    giro account,

  • Podnaslov


  • Podnaslov

    mDIREKT credit card service

  • Podnaslov

    50% cheaper kuna payments via On-line banking to accounts with other banks.

Giro account


Do you temping or part-time work or have a scholarship?

Open a giro account and for simple access to and use of your money arrange a FlexiSTUDENT current account package with a standing order so that each payment credited to your giro account can be transferred you your current account.

Read more about the giro account.

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Your first credit card

  • Three cards in one
    • Take advantage of RBA credit card flexibility and buy it right away and decide on the payment method later on:
      - pay 3% or more of the total debt (min. 150 kn) or
      - pay the entire debt at a time or
      - distribute interest-free rates - each purchase> 300 kn made on the internet, overseas or in the country, divided into 2 to 24 installments and up to 30 days after the purchase.


  • RBA mKartica
    • You do not have to carry a card with you, paying is faster and easier through your smartphone. 



  • Zlatna RBICA - collect points
    • When you use a credit card, you are automatically a member of the Zlatna RBICA reward program. Each purchase of RBA credit and debit card collects points. Convert the points to the Zlatna RBICA kunas and spend them at the sales points of our partners.

Nova debitna kartica tekućeg računa

mastercard debitna kartica tekućeg računa

Otkrijte pogodnosti nove RBA Mastercard debitne kartice!

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