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From the Start to the Target Success


Because we know

launching your own business is a big thing.

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    Every beginning has its challenges but with an experienced RBA co-driver you have the opportunity to launch your own business without hesitation. The basis for a smooth start is the RBA Transaction Account that allows you cash and cashless payment transactions in the kuna and other currencies.

    Various services supported by top-notch technology solutions are at your disposal, allowing you a fast, simple and safe ride through your finances, without limitations of time or space.

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    You will achieve a more efficient business acceleration development by opting for one of the business packages, with custom tuning features tailored to your needs.

    The FlexiBIZ entrepreneurial package will boost the engine of your business, make it simpler and more rational, shortening the time spent to do banking and providing more time to pay undisturbed attention to the highway of your business. If you started your business this year, agree the FlexiBIZ BONUS package to have the first 3 months of use free of charges.

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    Submit an online application for the RBA Transaction Account or the FlexiBIZ entrepreneurial package now, and then immediately complete arranging of the RBA services at the branch.

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    Now your business is running at a nice speed and the proper maintenance tools for a smooth journey through the entrepreneurial landscape are the RBA online services:

    iDIREKT Internet Banking to make your accounting more efficient,

    mBIZ Mobile Banking for a simple daily overview of your business and finance, wherever you may be.

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    The RBA POS fiscal cash register is like a tollgate with the gate always open. Make simple invoicing and card payment collection supported by the service department and interventions at no cost.