Kuna to become a thing of the past


Kuna to become a thing of the past

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  • Sub-frontloading
    • Sub-frontloading is a process which allows business entities to buy the euro cash for their business operation needs after 1 January 2023, when we changeover to the euro.  
      The sub-frontloading process is managed by the Croatian National Bank in co-operation with banks and the FINA and FINA GS.

      Depending on the size and type of a business entity, there are three types of sub-frontloading for professional groups:  
      - starter euro coin retailer kits
      - simplified indirect sub-frontloading
      indirect sub-frontloading

  • Starter euro coin retailers kits
    • If you have no need for banknotes, you will be able to acquire the necessary coins by buying pre-packed starter retailer kits.  
      The retailer kits contain 525 euro coins in total value of 145 euros and 50 cents. The retailer kit price will be 1096.27 kuna, which is the value of the coins recalculated at the fixed conversion rate.  
      Starter euro coin retailer kits will be available to all business clients from December 01 until December 30, 2022.  

  • Simplified indirect sub-frontloading
    • This type of sub-frontloading is provided to micro businesses, for which you qualify if you employ less than ten people, your annual income and/or total assets do not exceed 15 million kuna, and you hold an account at our bank.  
      Simplified indirect sub-frontloading can provide you with an amount of up to 10,000 euros. Larger amounts or an earlier cash takeover date are handled through the Indirect sub-frontloading process.  
      You yourself define the denominations in which you wish to withdraw the desired amount, and you can order both banknotes and coins.  
      It is not necessary to make an order or book an appointment – just come to any of our branches between 27/12/2022 and 30/12/2022.  
      At takeover of euros, the business entity's representative will sign the Statement of Simplified Indirect Sub-frontloading to Micro Business Entity.  

  • Indirect sub-frontloading
    • This type of sub-frontloading covers all business entities which hold a transaction account at our bank, and which are not micro business entities or are micro businesses that require more than 10,000 euros or an earlier cash takeover date.  
      In the period between 02/10/2022 and 31/10/2022, the business entity's representative have to sign the Agreement on Indirect Sub-frontloading of Euro Banknotes and Coins. It is recommended that the Agreement is signed and delivered to the bank by October 31, 2022, and no later than 4 working days before taking over the euro cash.
      The Specification – denomination structure of ordered euro cash for all their locations – will be enclosed to the agreement.  
      The date of cash takeover is scheduled in advance, in the period from 02/11/2022 until 24/12/2022.  
      Euros will be available for takeover at:  
      the Bank's branches performing cash operations – list of branches is at the link:  
      the FINA branches (if you have contracted payment services at the FINA branches)  
      through the FINA GS (if you have contracted the tripartite agreement on valuable shipment handling)  
      What are your obligations after you receive euro cash?  
      Count the received euro cash immediately at takeover in the presence of the bank/FINA/FINA GS employee
      Store the received euro cash in your business premises at the location/s which you specified to the Bank.  
      Immediately notify the Bank of any change of the storage location/s by sending an e-mail to  
      Store the received euro cash separately from your other cash in the euro, kuna, other currencies and from your other assets   
      Store the received euro cash in a safe place to avoid damage, destruction, theft, robbery    
      Prevent early circulation of the received euro cash i.e. use it as the legal currency only after 00:00 hours on the €-day, which is on 01/01/2023    
      Facilitate the Croatian National Bank’s control of the business premises in keeping with the Law on Introduction of the Euro and the Decision on Sub-frontloading of Euro Cash 

  • Is there anything else you’d like to know about sub-frontloading?
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If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and will try to answer all of them as soon as we can. 

You can reach us at, by calling 072 62 62 62, at our 62 branches across Croatia, via direct message on social networks or by postal service at Magazinska cesta 69, Zagreb.

Also, the Croatian National Bank launched their euro-related website, There you can find details and news about the introduction of the euro.