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A convenient and secure savings option!

If you think you have no sufficient funds to save or immediately raise a housing loan, check the possibilities offered by Raiffeisen Stambena Štedionica. With timely planning and long-term savings, even by paying small savings deposits you may achieve significant savings and become eligible for a housing loan, thanks to high returns and state incentive funds.


  • Favorable lending terms

    Favorable lending terms

    Attractive and fixed interest rates on savings

  • State incentive funds

    State incentive funds

    A right to receive state incentive funds amounting to 0,7% of the total annual savings paid, a maximum of HRK 35

  • Free of charge savings contracting

    Free of charge savings contracting

    No fee charged for housing savings agreement conclusion

  • Choice of savings currency

    Choice of savings currency

    Savings in HRK or EUR with a safeguard clause

  • Flexible payment dynamics

    Flexible payment dynamics

    Housing savings may be paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual basis, while one-off payment for the entire deposit term is also possible

  • Favorable housing loan

    Favorable housing loan

    Fixed interest rate and fixed annuity during loan repayment immediately upon expiry of the shortest period of saving

More information

  • Favorable housing savings terms for a period of 5 years:

    Favorable housing savings terms for a period of 5 years:

    Savings currency Housing savings interest rate
    EUR fixed, 0.6 % annually
    HRK fixed, 0.6 % annually

    Examples of housing savings calculation

  • Family savings

    Family savings

    Join forces and quickly reach the target amount saved!

    We recommend family savings to all clients who are able to save more than HRK 5.000 annually, or over HRK 420 or EUR 56.00 per month, as they will achieve returns and sooner become eligible for a larger housing loan amount.

    Within the family savings, several family members conclude a savings agreement at the same time: 
    • the number of family members is not limited (family members include married and unmarried couples, first-degree relatives and siblings who live together),
    • each family member concludes his/her own housing savings agreement,
    • each family member is entitled to state incentive funds,
    • if a family decides to raise a housing loan, they may obtain a larger amount, based on the assignment of rights under the housing savings agreement to one of the family members on whose behalf the loan is raised.

Housing savings agreement conclusion 1.5 % of the amount agreed
Statement delivery and housing savings account management  
Annual statement delivery no charge
Account management HRK 4.95 / EUR 0.66 per month
Statement delivery at the client´s request HRK 59.40 / EUR 7.92 per statement
Amendments to the housing savings agreement  
Increasing the amount agreed 1,5 % of the amount by which the amount agreed is increased
Tariff changes HRK 25.00 / EUR 3.50
Other agreement amendments (reducing the amount agreed) HRK 25.00 / EUR 3.50
Early termination of the housing savings agreements 0.5 % of the amount agreed
Early termination of housing savings agreements for which a vista interest rate is calculated no charge
Available housing savings transfer HRK 50.00 / EUR 7.00
Housing savings agreement assignment HRK 25.00 / EUR 3.50

Fee amounts denominated in euros apply to contracts indexed to a foreign currency and are calculated in the kuna equivalent at the Croatian National Bank middle exchange rate on the date of calculation. Fee amounts denominated in kuna apply to contracts without foreign currency indexation.

*charged if the amount agreed is lower than the total savings in the housing savings account. When a housing savings agreement is terminated, the building society increases the amount agreed to the first amount divisible by 1000 in case of a tariff excluding foreign currency indexation, or divisible by 100 and equal to a higher than the savings amount in case of a tariff including foreignd currency indexation.

** early termination implies the termination of a housing savings agreement by the housing savings depositor prior to the expiry of the term agreed, or prior to the fulfilment of requirements for the grant of the amount agreed.

Detailed information is available in the Decision on the fees for housing savings services provided by Raiffeisen Stambena Štedionica. 

How to arrange?


Raiffeisen housing savings can be arranged in any RBA branch. You are required to present your ID card or passport and a document containing your personal identification number (OIB).

A housing savings depositor may be a citizen of Croatia or any natural person resident in Croatia.

Housing savings for minors may only be arranged by a legal representative (parent, guardian or attorney) upon presentation of the minor´s birth certificate.

For more information visit the Riffeisen Stambena Štedionica website.



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