RBA moderne kombinirke

RBA moderne kombinirke

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Moderne kombinirke


The MODERNE KOMBINIRKE package - promotional offer until 21 July 2018!

Combination of  two separate products combined into a savings and investment package.


  • Bonus interest

    Bonus interest

    Contracting the Package entitles you to a 1.00% bonus interest 


  • Package details

    Package details

    The MODERNE KOMBINIRKE package includes two separate products combined into a savings and investment package at the 50% - 50% ratio:
    ♦ savings deposit is a fixed maturity lump sum deposit in EUR for general purpose, without the automatic agreement renewal, for a term of 12 months +1 day, at a fixed interest rate
    ♦ investment is made in Raiffeisen Harmonic, the open-end investment fund with public offering (Fund), under management of Raiffeisen Invest.*
    *Key Investor Information, Prospectus, Fund Rules and detailed information on the Fund are available on the Company's web site: www.rbainvest.hr, upon request at the Company and RBA branches. 



  • Minimum deposit

    Minimum deposit

    The minimum deposit for the MODERNE KOMBINIRKE package depends on the minimum balance of a nonpurpose term deposit and amounts to EUR 2,000.00 (EUR 1.000,00 term deposit + EUR 1,000.00 investment in the Fund).
    Investing in the Fund is associated with certain risks that may affect the principal investment. Before investing in the Fund, clients should consider and learn about investment risks, which are described in the Key Investor Information, Prospectus and the Fund Rules.   

  • Early deposit withdrawal

    Early deposit withdrawal

    Early deposit withdrawal/redemption of Fund units:
    ♦ if a deposit is withdrawn before the expiry of the 12-month term, no bonus interest applies, and the interest is calculated in accordance with the effective Decision on Interest Rates.
    ♦ fund units can be redeemed at any time in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus and Fund Rules.



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