Children´s Premium Savings

Children´s Premium Savings

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Education? Travel? Invest in the future of the new generations with RBA Children´s Premium Savings - with interests and bonus on interests!


  • Multiple payments

    Multiple payments

    The choice of multiple payments according to the pre-agreed payment dynamics.

  • Bonus


    Make regular payments and the bonus of 10% is yours!

  • Choice of currency

    Choice of currency

    Fixed-term savings in kunas or euros.

Children´s premium savings

  • Contract


    RBA children´s premium savings can be arranged only on behalf of a minor.

    The first payment is required when negotiating this type of children´s savings.

    The right to receive a 10% bonus depends on the regularity of other payments and the bonus is calculated on expiry of the term of the deposit on the amount of interest accrued.

    Any deposit on premium savings has its own interest rate set by the remaining maturity to the maturity of the deposit and the total amount of the deposit funds on the day of each subsequent payment.


  • Amount and the dynamics of the fixed-term deposit

    Amount and the dynamics of the fixed-term deposit

    Fixed-term deposit deadline
    over 12 months,
    over 24 months.

    Dynamic and the minimal amount of payment for children´s premium savings
    monthly- 100 HRK/15 EUR
    quarterly- 300 HRK/ 45 EUR
    half-yearly- 600 HRK / 90EUR See an overview of interest rates on children´s premium savings.

Why opt for RBA

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    Use the FlexiFIT current account package

    If a combination of flexibility and value sounds attractive, try out our FlexiFIT current account package. 

  • On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking)

    On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking)

    On-line banking (mojaRBA mobile banking), along with a range of banking services available in Internet banking, provides the ˝2 in 1˝ functionality by employing mToken - a completely safe solution for user authentication. This application provides numerous practical and useful functionalities! More

  • Zlatna RBICA rewards every time

    Zlatna RBICA rewards every time

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