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Do you participate intensely in payment transaction flows?

Here is our RBA DIREKT MultiCash electronic banking system designed primarily for large corporate clients and multinational companies! RBA DIREKT MultiCash is a service enabling you to place domestic and foreign payment orders, overview account movements, download account statements for transaction accounts held with RBA, currency exchange, and transmission of various notices. 


  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    User interface for integrated access to accounts.

  • Security


    Highest-level data security!

  • Support


    A Bank expert will install the service for you, test it and train your staff on how to use it.


Hardware requirements:
• Pentium-class (recommendation: over 500 MHz) working memory 128 MB (recommended: 256 MB)
 • available disk space of 40 GB; CD-ROM unit,
 • free subscriber line (COM1, COM2 if the modem is external)
 • PS / 2 connector,
 • modem or ISDN adapter (connection exclusively Dial-up to the Bank).

The following approaches are supported:
• connect modem (modem-modem),
• TCP / IP access (dedicated line or dial-up access directly to the Bank).

Security of data exchange
• password when entering a user application,
• special authorization for particular functions within the application granted to specific users only,
• special password when communicating with the bank.

Communication between the user and the Bank takes place according to the verified protocol for data transfer electronic payments. ZVDFUE protocol (EPFT - Electronic Payment File Transfer) meets stringent safety standards. 
The authenticity of the transfer initiator is checked prior to every file transfer, and after the message has been transferred successfully, the encryption key is changed synchronically on both the Bank and the user end. We could say that those are, to illustrate the situation, two sides of the same coin, and the access to the Bank is enabled only when these are paired up. The algorithm that the ZVDFUE method is based on is a patent registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Fee Fee amount
Application installation HRK 500.00 one-time, in advance
MultiCash fee* HRK 75.00 monthly per account

An overview of fees is available in the document Extract from RBA Tariff for Business entities.




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