Special financing programs

HAMAG BICRO guarantee

Special financing programs

HAMAG BICRO guarantee

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Individual Guarantees for Rural Development


The Program is intended for investment and working capital needs of small and medium agricultural producers, food processors and forestry sector participants. The benefits of the Program are: easier access to financing for the small and medium entrepreneurs in the agricultural producers, food processors and forestry sector, lower interest rate and a lower number of requested security instruments.


Uvjeti za osnovna i povezana obrtna sredstva

Iznos jamstva 1.300.000 EUR
Maksimalna stopa jamstva do 70%; do 80% za mlade poljoprivrednike (do 40 godina) i mljekarski sektor
Obuhvat jamstva glavnica kredita
Trajanje jamstva od 12 mjeseci do 15 godina
Premija rizika 0.25 od iznosa odobrenog jamstva; 0.10 za mlade poljoprivrednike i mljekarski sektor
Udio obrtnih sredstava u kreditu do 200.000 EUR, odnosno do 30% ukupnog iznosa prihvatljivih troškova, zavisno o tome koji je iznos viši
Instrumenti osiguranja Zadužnica i ostala osiguranja ovisno o procjeni rizika


RURAL DEVELOPMENT - Program Conditions

  • End Users
    • Micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (< 250 employees consolidated; income < 50mn EUR or assets <43mn EUR) which:
      are registered as a family agricultural holding (FAH; Cro. OPG), craft, company, cooperative, manufacturing or other business entity;
      are registered in RH;
      have > 50% of private ownership;
      have not been blocked for over 30 days in the last 6 months;
      have no outstanding liabilities towards the state.
      Investment Location: the entire territory of RH outside the urban centres (Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split)

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