Buying in installments

Buying in installments

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Step into a completely new dimension of buying in installments!

Every purchase made with RBA personal credit cards in the country, abroad or on the Internet, that is higher than EUR 40.00 / HRK 301.38, can be split in up to 24 installments free of intersts!


  • Pay every purchase through installments!

    Pay every purchase through installments!

    Split all your purchases above EUR 40.00 / HRK 301.38 from 2 to 24 installments!

  • Choose installments when you want to!

    Choose installments when you want to!

    You can choose to pay your purchase in installments up to 30 days from the actual transaction!

  • Choose installments the way that fits you!

    Choose installments the way that fits you!

    To split a purchase to installments use mojaRBA mobile banking or call the RBA INFO line.

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  • Simple and made for you!

    Simple and made for you!

    You can split purchases made with RBA credit cards into installments:

    ► via mojaRBA app or by calling RBA INFO line,
    ► at the points of sale of RBA contracting partners - via POS device.

    Buying via installments is enabled for you: 
    • within the spending limit on your credit card,
    • with a possibility of choosing the number of installments from 2 to 12,
    • no interests,
    • free of charge - for transactions made through installments with RBA contracting partners through POS device,
    • via mojaRBA app (one-time fee of EUR 1.99 / HRK 15.00) and with a call to the Call centre (one-time fee of EUR 2.65 / HRK 20.00) up to 30 days from making the purchase.

    The amount of the monthly installment is based on the total monthly cost of the credit card and thus enters into the calculation of the minimum amount payable by the user in the amount of 3%. This way, the user has the option of repaying a single installment through revolving loans, only 3% of the each installment monthly.


Fixed exchange rate of conversion of the kuna to the euro: 1 euro = HRK 7.53450 is applied for the dual display of the amount of fees and other monetary presentations, taking into account the conversion and rounding rules in accordance with the Act on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia.

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