Foreign currency account

Foreign currency account

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Quick, simple and secure access and use of your foreign currency funds!

Wish your international payments were simpler? Do you receive foreign payments or make payments abroad? Or just want to make a secure online purchase? An RBA foreign currency account is the right solution for you!


  • One account - several currencies

    One account - several currencies

    A single foreign currency account you open holds denominations in all major foreign currencies of your choice.

  • Visa Electron debit card

    Visa Electron debit card

     You can access and use your account funds via the ATM and POS network, at points of sale in the country and abroad, and online! We leave the choice of currency - EUR or USD - to you.

  • Safe online shopping

    Safe online shopping

    Make any payments at the highest security standards - Verified by VISA!

  • iDIREKT Internet banking

    iDIREKT Internet banking

    Your money is available to you at any time!

Otvaranje deviznog računa

  • Kako otvoriti račun?
    • Devizni račun otvorite u najbližoj RBA poslovnici uz predočenje važećeg identifikacijskog dokumenta (osobna iskaznica ili putovnica)


      - vođenje deviznog računa uz jednu od debitnih kartica (Visa USD ili Visa EUR) naplaćuje se 5,00 kuna mjesečno, a polog na račun iznosi minimalno 10€ kod otvaranja

      - izdavanje debitne kartice računa se ne naplaćuje

      - kod otvaranja deviznog računa uz bankovnu karticu vođenje računa se ne naplaćuje

      Pregled svih naknada dostupan je u dokumentu Izvadak iz Odluke o visini naknada.

More information

  • Visa Electron International card for EUR and/or USD payments

    Visa Electron International card for EUR and/or USD payments

    The Visa foreign currency account card provides the access to and use of your money at any time.
    A card issued is linked to foreign currency account and is identical, in terms of its characteristics and use options, to the Visa Electron card issued for the current account.
    The Visa Electron card enables you to access your money at any time for payments at points of sale or online or for making withdrawals from ATMs. Also, your online purchases are secure thanks to the Verified by Visa service.

  • Account balance

    Account balance

    The minimum foreign currency account balance is EUR 10, which serves to cover the monthly foreign currency account management and any other fees.

  • Daily cash withdrawal limit

    Daily cash withdrawal limit

    The cash withdrawal limit is HRK 5,000, or an equivalent in the currency, with a maximum of 3 transactions permitted per day.
    The purchase limit equals the available ledge balance.

  • mDIREKT Account Balance service

    mDIREKT Account Balance service

    Arranging this service enables you to have timely information and additional security. You will be notified of your foreign currency account balance for each currency once a day, in case of account change on the previous day. If you have other accounts opened with RBA, you will be notified of the balance of those accounts as well.

  • Foreign currency giro account

    Foreign currency giro account

    If you have international operations, contact us to open a foreign currency giro account for you!

Fee Fee amount
Managing foreign currency accounts with debit card(s) HRK 5,00 per month
Managing kuna giro account with bank card and debit card, and foreign currency account, foreign currency giro account and a vista saving account with bank card free of charge
Proxy using the account free of charge
An overview of all fees is available in the document named  Excerpt from Decision on RBA services fees.



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