Visa Platinum credit card

Visa Platinum credit card

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A Synonym for exclusivity!

As a part of the RBA Premium Banking service, we would like to present you a card that will allow you to feel both safe and special! This prestigious credit card provides superior service along with numerous attractive benefits! The RBA Visa Platinum credit card brings you insurance services to provide for your safe travels, and with the additional benefits at hand for you to use, also more luxurious.



  • Buy Platinum!

    Buy Platinum!

    Always pay with your Platinum card because it provides a number of benefits, such as Purchase Protection Insurance in the event of loss, theft or damage, as well as the benefit of Extended Warranty.

  • Travel Platinum!

    Travel Platinum!

    With Priority Pass we provide you access to more than 1000 VIP lounges in airports world-wide. Use also additional Visa benefits in numerous restaurants and hotels, as well as at retail outlets in the country and abroad.

  • Live Platinum!

    Live Platinum!

    Live comfortably and feel safe with UNIQA Supplemental Health Insurance and UNIQA Travel Medical Insurance made available through the Visa Platinum card.

  • We reward you!

    We reward you!

    You automatically enter our loyalty program Zlatna RBICA that rewards every purchase you make with your Visa Platinum card.

  • You choose

    You choose

    The RBA Visa Platinum card can be used as a revolving card (pay only 3% of the monthly expenses), or as a card with deferred payment of up to 50 days! Further, there is the option of using RBA installments service at your disposal!


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    • Priority Pass origram free of charge 
    • Purchase protection 
    • Extended Warranty
    • Discounts and special offers at shops,restaurants and hotels
    • Emergency medical and legal assistance abroad 



    UNIQA health Insurance*
    • Systematic medical check up - one preventive systematic medical check up per year
    • Specialist examination - one medically indicated specialist examination per year, with one control examination per year, by the doctor of any specialty
    • Diagnostics, laboratory - unlimited number of medically indicated diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests defined by the insurance terms and conditions DZOP 1/12

    UNIQA travel health insurance*
    • Insurance policy provides coverage of the costs of medical treatment abroad of up to EUR 10,000 a year
    • In addition, it covers costs of luggage loss and flight delays during foreign airplane travel are also coveres. In such situations, RBA Visa Platinum cardholders are entitled to claim insurance even if they paid for the airplane ticket with any RBA card (Cirrus/Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Visa Gold); this insurance policy also provides coverage of the costs incurres by persons travelling with the RBA Visa Platinum cardholder and whose airplane tickets were bought with any RBA card of the RBA Visa Platinum cardholder
    • Finally, the insurance policy also covers credit card debt of up to HRK 50,000 in case of accidental death

    *All coverages are fully specified in terms and conditions of:
    - Additional health insurance for RBA Visa Platinum Credit Card Insurance beneficiaries, DZOP1/12
    - Insurance terms and conditions for bank´s credit card users, UOKK1/2006

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