Premium banking products and services

Premium banking products and services

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As a Premium Client, you will be able to choose from array of following products and services:

♦ FlexiPREMIUM PLUS current account package with number of related products and benefits
♦ RBA Visa Platinum credit card with various extra benefits
♦ Better housing and personal loans,
♦ Faster processing of loan applications,
♦ Classical and innovative savings and investment products of the Bank and the Group,
♦ Investment funds of Raiffeisen Invest,
♦ UNIQA life assurance,
♦ Voluntary pension savings from the Raiffeisen Pension Fund for the management of voluntary pension funds,
♦ UNIQA Supplemental Health Insurance,
♦ affordable fees for brokerage services of RBA brokers, RBA Custody and eBroker,
♦ Safe deposit boxes,
♦ Quarterly Publications of RBA Analysis.

The Premium Banking service goes with priority, more favorable terms, lower prices and savings.

As a Premium Client you may expect to enjoy more favorable terms and preferential pricing on productsd and services included in the FlexiPREMIUM PLUS current account.
The RBA Visa PLatinum credit card also entitles you to more benefits than any other standard credit card. If you are planning to buy a new flat or a house, as a Premium Client you are eligible for housing loans under more favorable terms as well as for lower interest rates. If you need to finance a smaller investment (purchase of furniture, equipment, cars etc.), al-purpose loans are available and we ensure faster application processing.

For details on the benefits provided by RBA to its Premium Clients contact your relationship manager.