Offer for seniors

FlexiSENIOR current account package and personal loan

Offer for seniors

FlexiSENIOR current account package and personal loan

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Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Who says you should be at home resting once you retire? Finally, there is time for things you may have only dreamt of before, like a long-awaited trip to Tuscany, or perhaps you wish to delight your school-going grandchildren with new furniture for their room. These are, of course, but a few ideas. Leave the management of your finances to us, while you devote your time to yourself and your loved ones. Our RBA FlexiSENIOR current account package provides an optimum combination of services and should you need any extra funds, there is a personal loan designed precisely for you - pensioners.

Benefits of our pensioner offer

  • Pension payments on the first of the month

    Pension payments on the first of the month

    If the first of the month falls on a holiday or a non-working day, your pension will be available on the very next business day.

  • FlexiSENIOR current account package

    FlexiSENIOR current account package

    And optimum combination of banking services to be used at a single monthly fee!
    As additional benefits, assistance and insurance services are also available!

  • Additional funds

    Additional funds

    By choosing the FlexiSENIOR current account package you are eligible for an overdraft, with a loan designed for pensioners only also being part of the offer.

The package includes the following products and services



15,00 HRK
1,99 EUR
per month

  • Podnaslov (ovo je M29 modul)

    Debit Mastercard,

  • Podnaslov

    current account overdraft of up to 300% of the pension amount,  or a maximum of 2.700,00 EUR / 20.343,15 HRK, which will be available to you immediately on receipt of the pension inflows,

  • Podnaslov

    credit card (Visa Classic, Visa LF or Mastercard) of the account holder´s choice to be used for instalment purchases at no interest,

  • Podnaslov
  • Podnaslov

    mojaRBA mobile banking for smartphones - providing the quickest and most simple insight into your finances, and also enabling payment execution and numerous other services,

  • Podnaslov
  • Podnaslov

    50% cheaper euro payments via on-line banking (RBA internet and mobile banking) to accounts with other banks in the country,

  • Podnaslov

    standing order in favor of natural persons within the Bank at no charge,

  • Podnaslov

    ORYX Home Assistance - 24 hour assistance in emergencies involving damage to your property providing for damage or fault repairs. It covers the services of locksmiths, plumbers, joiners, glaziers and electricians of up to 199,08 EUR / 1.500,00 HRK a year. The membership card allows unlimited use of the discounts granted by the ORYX savings program partners at the points of sale.

  • Podnaslov

    Accidental death insurance - provides your loved ones with extra funds in case an insured event occurs. The amount insured of 1.990,84 EUR / 15.000,00 HRK will be paid to legal heirs. If such a situation arises at a time when the Bank has any claims on your current account, such claims will be covered from the amount insured and the rest of the balance will be paid to your heirs.

Simple way to arrange a FlexiSENIOR package

Branch list

Fixed exchange rate of conversion of the kuna to the euro: 1 euro = HRK 7.53450 is applied for the dual display of the amount of fees and other monetary presentations, taking into account the conversion and rounding rules in accordance with the Act on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia.

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Personal loan for pensioners


Finally, the time has come for you to stop postponing anything you want or need!
If you need extra funds, check out our euro loan (available in Croatian only) which is designed for pensioners only.